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People with disabilities in Trnava will be able to park more easily thanks to the new ParkDots parking system

The city of Trnava will simplify parking for people with severe disabilities. It's the first city in Slovakia where they will be able to find a free parking space quickly and easily thanks to the ParkDots application. The ParkDots platform was developed by PosAm.

The smart parking system shows the potential of IoT

The key elements of the ParkDots parking platform, developed by PosAm, are the mobile application for users, the cloud-based central control system, and the inconspicuous road sensors that send information in real time about the occupancy of a particular location. The right mix of mobile, cloud, and IoT technologies have enabled the creation of a useful solution for modern cities.

Continuously-updated free space availability information ensures the provision of all the system's services. In addition to finding a free parking space and navigating to it, the application enables payment for the parking, provides navigation back to the car or a warning if the vehicle unexpectedly departs from the parking space.

Easier life for the residents and the self-government

Simplified parking is a great benefit for people with disabilities in particular. They do not have to circle around the city and hunt for free parking spaces. Thanks to the mobile application, they can conveniently choose a location based on its occupancy, availability, or point of interest.

Since September 21, 2017 these services have been available at 31 parking spaces designated for people with severe disabilities in the city's central zone. PosAm has implemented this unique solution in Trnava in collaboration with the parent company Slovak Telekom and in cooperation with the city company TT-IT. Data connectivity was provided by SimpleCell, operator of the Internet of Things network based on the Sigfox technology.

"This system will enable us to collect information about the use of parking spaces for severely disabled people and visitors to the city in real time, allowing us to more effectively analyse, plan, and ultimately further improve parking in our city," said Peter Bročka, Mayor of Trnava.

Shortening the time needed to locate a parking space will reduce emissions in the city. In addition, ParkDots has the potential to increase the availability of parking places and reduce the number of unused ones. The system is ready for further expansion in the future. Features will be added, such as parking space sharing and a resident parking solution.

ParkDots is a solution for Smart cities in Europe

"Our goal at PosAm is to make information technologies beneficial. We are happy to improve the lives of residents of and visitors to Trnava, reduce the environmental burden, and help the city to manage its resources. All this is possible because we have found partners with an innovative spirit in the city of Trnava, who immediately understood the potential of ParkDots", said Martin Budaj, PosAm’s Product Manager.

"We are convinced that Smart City solutions have great potential, which is also perceived by the Deutsche Telekom group that PosAm belongs to. We believe that together we will be able to get the Slovak product ParkDots on the map of European cities", added Michal Bróska, Director of Product Development at PosAm.

The ParkDots application is currently available for Android smart phones free of charge, and a version for iOS devices will be added in the coming weeks. All features are also available in a responsive web application located at

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