Design of IT infrastructure and support of its elements

While designing and modernizing the infrastructure, we are fully dedicated to delivering functionality in the form of services. We consider our orchestration skills in implementing of various technologies and their subsequent interconnection into a functional unit to be of outmost importance. Another separate component of our activities includes the implementation of solutions aimed at data storage and protection solutions.
In terms of IT infrastructure maintenance, we take responsibility of routine activities such as management of endpoints and core infrastructure. Thus, we provide customers with the opportunity to fully concentrate on their essential activities.

IT infrastructure design

An effective creation and management of virtual IT infrastructures stems from a profound knowledge of the multi-cloud environments and from the process of securing the development of the "infrastructure as a code" concept. We have deployed our ability to design a multi-cloud environment using automation and the infrastructure as a code concept (IaC) across the entire portfolio of our solutions. The resulting virtual environments aid our customers in terms of performance, flexibility, quality, and automation in the context of development and deployment of the infrastructure.

During the development, deployment and operation process, we utilize both, global and specialized cloud providers' services in a so-called multi-cloud environment. It is a vast range of options and it might prove a challenge to keep track of the current market offer. Our thorough knowledge of the various services and their limits serves as a guarantee for customers that they have chosen well. Similarly, they can always rely on the services of our highly qualified team of consultants.

The virtual aspect of the design and delivery of infrastructure has provided a field of interest for the creators and administrators of code. These days, areas such as computing performance, storage, network components and security are a question of a couple of lines of code. Automating the creation process and management of these areas ensure efficiency that in turn allows us firstly to analyse the rapidly changing environment into which the solution is deployed, and secondly, to streamline the entire process, and thus to reduce the risk of outages.

Additionally, we create virtual environments while delivering the physical systems aiming to modernise and consolidate data centres. Our professional services are focused on maximum possible protection, the highest possible availability and on unprecedented performance in data processing. Our solutions use systems by Hitachi Vantara – the global market leader. The result is a radical simplification of infrastructure as a whole, with simpler management and lower costs.

Support of IT infrastructure

Our provided services are conforming the ITIL recommendations and are in compliance with ISO 20000. By maintaining the high quality and efficiency of our products, we have developed into one of the largest providers of IT outsourcing in Slovakia.

We are an esteemed partner for and a reliable supplier to leading companies across Slovakia operating in sectors including energy, industry, telecommunications, banking and insurance.

As part of end-user services, we provide the support of applications, infrastructure and IT users directly at the customers’ premises. The multilingual service desk serves as a single point of contact for inquiries which the customers can turn to. The consolidation and standardisation of secondary processes represents the integral part of our services. This transformation process results in the standardisation of internal and external IT services, their subsequent measurability, cost transparency, cost reduction, and overall increased efficiency and higher quality

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We provide constant supervision and operation of our customers’ information systems at the core-infrastructure levels – be it in data centres or public clouds. We maintain not only the availability and reliability of the individual components, but whole information systems as well. In order to be able to achieve this, we utilize reliable monitoring tools, automated prophylactic activities, and the maximum possible amount of automated deployment.

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