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Published 10.3.2022

Big changes have been happening on the streets of Bratislava since last year. There is a new parking policy, new rules, new regulations as well as ParkDots’ solutions. Find out what’s new and park comfortably with us!

What is new with the ParkDots app?

Starting January 2022, drivers in the capital need to be vigilant.

New rules are already in force in the city’s first three zones. Residents and subscribers are issued parking permits that allow them to park in their “home” zones. Outside the “home” zone, however, they need a parking ticket, just like visitors in the regulated zones. Our ParkDots app will help them with both purchasing a parking ticket and redeeming time credit from their parking card.

Buying a parking ticket via the mobile app is convenient and brings many benefits. You always have your ticket handy, you can quickly extend your parking validity and you can easily save your login details, payment card, vehicle registration number and your favourite car parks in your profile. These benefits now also apply in Bratislava.

You can currently use our ParkDots app in the city zones Petržalka Dvory 4, Krasňany and Tehelné pole. In a few days, the regulation will also come into force in Ružinov, in Staré Mesto – from the Main Railway Station to Blumentál – and Nivy has also been announced. And more other city areas will soon join.


How will residents benefit from the app?

If residents of urban zones want to park conveniently, they need a parking card. Maximum convenience and online access to requesting and getting such a card is possible via the ParkDots information system. We have linked the necessary state registers, from which the data flows automatically into one system. Thus, everyone is able to get a parking card from the comfort of their own home.

The City of Bratislava has thought of residents and their parking in their home zone, but also of their visitors and the need of the residents to park in other zones. That is why 4 types of parking permits were created, which work on different principles (resident, visitor, bonus and subscriber).


With ParkDots, applicants for parking permits can use a system that offers them the following benefits:

  • processing the application via the Internet (e.g., from the comfort of home),
  • they simply enter basic personal data and the vehicle registration number,
  • no physical paperwork (more than 80% of applications are processed automatically),use of the visitor and bonus card via the mobile app.

As a resident, you have the option of using the mobile app to pay for standard parking or to use the time credit from your visitor or bonus card.

Of course, specific situations have also been considered, for example, when you are not a permanent resident of the zone, you do not own a car but you have visitors, you have a disability card or you own an electric car. In these cases, you can also use the ParkDots app and use your time credit from the bonus card or claim discounted parking prices.


With ParkDots, you can park your visitor, plumber or grandma in front of your house. 🙂

Find out all about PAAS

Are you a resident, visitor to Bratislava or do you live in another city? Whatever the answer, we help all drivers.

We look forward to assisting every driver in Bratislava with obtaining their parking permits, paying for short-term parking and with using special parking cards. With ParkDots, you can park in front of your house, in other city zones, in private car parks in Bratislava and soon also in the Nivy Bus Station area.

You can also use the app in fourteen other Slovak cities, which also offer drivers the option of paying for short-term parking.

Don’t forget to download or update it.

ParkDots is the app. Period.

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