Deep domain knowledge transformed into useful solutions

The high value of our software solutions stems from a profound knowledge of the issues, processes, customer needs and trends in our focus areas. We have the expertise and years of experience in the domains we deal with.

We provide solutions for public administration, insurance, transportation and workforce management. We cover areas which include public budgeting, e-government services, insurance products sales, insurance claims management, field service management and smart parking.

Our effective solutions and exceptional products improve both major and minor processes for the largest companies in the financial sector; utilities, manufacturing and telecommunications, as well as in a number of smaller companies and within the public administration.

Workforce management solutions

For three decades, we have been providing IT services for the largest Slovak and foreign companies. Our team of specialists covers the entire life cycle of IT services, including design, implementation and support, but also consulting and methodological support aimed at standardizing customer processes. Through their optimization, we create balance between business requirements and the capabilities of IT departments.

The support for a comprehensive management of ICT services throughout its entire life cycle is provided by Servio, our own IT Service Management solution. It supports all ITSM processes and it enables operational management as well as strategic planning.

Servio is used by more than 20,000 users and managers wotking for sixty different customers. It is a tool used by almost a thousand operators and contractors, as well as partners and suppliers of third parties. They have, thanks to Servio's support, solved hundreds of thousands of tickets.

Our solutions have been supporting efficient management of field service employees in leading companies in the utilities and manufacturing segment for more than a decade. They ensure that the right people, with the right tools, at the right time and place with the lowest possible cost - can bring the best services to end customers.

Fieldio is a uselful tool that covers the entire course of service requests processing. Beginning with their creation through automated planning using mathematical optimization algorithms to their implementation in the field. Comprehensive functionalities include integrations with ERPs and attendance systems as well as with GPS car monitoring. Employee management and the management of their task- performance is supported by the integration with mobile devices.

Fieldio is used by several thousand service workers executing hundreds of thousands of work orders per year. Automation and digitization of processes, together with their optimization, increases the efficiency and positive economic outcomes.

Insurance solutions

For more than 20 years, we have dealt with sales of insurance products. We implemented innovative solutions supporting business logic and full automation of all sales channels - aggregators, brokers, financial advisors and online sales portals. We paid attention to the entire sales life cycle - pre-sales activities, client acquisition, after-sales support, cross-sell and up-sell.

The Automatic Sales System (AMC) is thus a complex solution for the sale of insurance products. Its services are used by more than 14,000 users who create over 25 millions insurance propositions per year, which corresponds to a total of about 1 million processed contracts.

The automation and digitization provided by AMC, has increased both vendor success and their efficiency. This multi-platform application focused on assisted sales has introduced a new dimension to client acquisition. This has resulted in increased production growth and sales efficiency, and has furthermore made space for a better customer service.

We have been optimizing the area of insurance claims management for many years. Profound knowledge of the processes involved, from inspection reports to insurance claims settlement, allows us to simplify and speed up these processes and to improve the control mechanisms.

Professional claims settlement (ProLik) is a sophisticated system for efficient management of inspection and repair of damaged items. It is used by thousands of internal employees and also by external collaborators of the largest insurance companies in Slovakia and in Czech republic.

ProLik provides centralized management and highly efficient tools for performance measurement. It governs the approval-process and significantly increases estimation transparency. The simplification and unification of the entire process enables a high degree of automation and has positive results in the policyholders’ satisfaction and the efficiency of the insurance company.

Solutions for transportation

The most recent and the most rapidly developing area we pursue is parking – our goal is to improve the situation in cities and towns. If the municipality is to bring about an improvement in static transportation and if it is to ease the situation for both drivers and residents - it must introduce a suitable parking policy and secondly, use dependable tools for its implementation.

ParkDots provides a complex support for urban parking. It is a modular platform which responds to the specific needs of any municipality by providing information on the availability of parking spaces, paymen of parking fees, management of residential parking, enforcement of parking eligibility, and integration with other systems. A mobile application is available for download where users can make payments, search for free parking spaces, yet also explore many other features.

E-government solutions

We consider ourselves as experts in public budgeting and management. We have been gaining knowledge and experience for 25 years. A team of consultants, analysts, developers and other experts have built and are constantly improving upon a unique, sophisticated system developed exclusively for budgeting.

The Budget Information System (RIS) provides budgeting drafts and suggests adjustments on all levels of government and for municipalities . RIS is a backbone of our country’s public finance management. It is utilised by more than 10,000 users within 7,000 budgeting units.

RIS has paved the way for a radical change in budget management processes, and has brought about an increased efficiency alongside significant savings. This was made possible due to an improved control and a greater transparency of spending, both being based on the principles of value for money.

We have successfully implemented the vision of digitizing for municipalities. This was achieved thanks to our vast experience in building cloud systems that are capable of providing software in the form of services. We have built upon this experience by implementing know-how related to local municipalities and their relation with citizens and businesses.

By combining knowledge and appropriate solutions, we have designed, implemented and are currently operating The Data Centre of Municipalities and Cities (DCOM) - a unique cloud solution for electronic municipality services. DCOM provides computing power, information systems and software applications.

Owing to DCOM, millions of citizens in more than 2,500 municipalities across Slovakia can reach their local municipality electronically. DCOM has enabled municipalities to fully digitize their processes relared to their public services. It is an advanced and an innovative demonstration of eGov in practice, and it has won the EuroCloud Slovakia Award in 2015.

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