About our company PosAm

PosAm is one of few IT companies in Slovakia that has been built from scratch and then developed to become a leading system integrator.

The secret to our success lies in the profound knowledge of our customers' business and in the ability to deliver useful solutions and provide dependable services. Our services deal with the development, integration and management of software solutions; design, implementation and management of IT infrastructures and support of end-user devices.

We strive to improve the running of primary and secondary business processes. Thus, the leading companies in Slovakia and abroad are able to achieve their business, financial, technological, or strategic goals.

What drives us

At PosAm, our ambition is to constantly look for new opportunities that could transform the ceaseless flow of innovation in the field of information technology into benefit for our customers.
We are motivated by tough challenges aimed at transforming our customers' business needs into inspiring, elegant solutions by the means of IT technologies.

We insist on quality

Our comprehensive integrated management system is a prerequisite for achieving the best results for the benefit of our customers. The high level of our processes and the ability to continuously improve have also been confirmed by certifications from Det Norske Veritas.

We support education

We systematically support the development of talent and the transfer of experience and knowledge at all levels, from primary schools to IT professionals.
We recognize teachers for the development of talent in natural sciences at primary and secondary schools (www.cenadi.sk). We organize meetings enabling knowledge and experience sharing in the community of IT architects (www.dddcommunity.sk). At PosAm Full-Stack Academy, we educate and inspire talented software developers from universities and launch their careers.

Our success story has been around for 30 years

In 2020, 30 years have passed since the journey of PosAm began in 1990. We have grown into a leading Slovak IT company and we have done so with only a handful enthusiasts. It required a long-term vision, proper management, yet also a stroke of luck.

After thirty years, we are in an excellent condition. We are a mature, reliable company, with excellent financial results, and a team of elite experts. Routinely, and, with a great deal of confidence, we have tackled the latest technologies that rank our solutions at the very top of their tier.

Even after thirty years, we continue seeing horizons ahead of us, awaiting to be conquered. The constant flow of technological innovations brings new opportunities to improve our customers' businesses and to deliver them solutions of the highest usability. Our enthusiasm for these advancements is what keeps us on track.

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