Management of services, employees and infrastructure in one elegant solution

We have developed PosAm Servio as a flexible modular solution. We apply individual modules with regard to supported processes (management of service, employees, infrastructure) and adjust them according to individual customer requirements. Thanks to the local team, we are able to respond very flexibly to these needs and ensure smooth implementation.

Optimal support for biznised and technical processes

As an advanced service management tool, PosAm Servio provides application support for designing, planning, allocation, implementation and control of the services provided. This allows you to adequately respond to customer requirements or flexibly deal with unexpected operational situations. Process support is based on recommendations and best practices of the ITIL methodology.

Solution modules

Incident management

Problem management

Change & Release management

Request fulfilment

Service level management

Service catalogue management

Assets & Configuration management

Organization management

Notification management

Knowledge management


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Solution features

PosAm Servio is a single platform for users, managers, operators and problem solvers, as well as for partners and third-party suppliers.

For the general user, PosAm Servio is a single point of contact for reporting, monitoring and solving their requirements and problems.

For the manager, PosAm Servio is a powerful tool for managing services throughout their entire life cycle, as well as a means of monitoring and managing all infrastructure assets.

For operators, it is a basic working tool with a complete record of requirements with the ability to monitor their progress by the solvers.

A simple user interface (both web and mobile) tailored to each role intuitively guides the system user across processes. This creates a uniform view of the management, support and administration of ICT infrastructure and systems.

This consolidation ensures effective implementation and adoption of process management in the organisation.

Optimal balancing of customer expectations on the one hand and operational capabilities on the other is the key to success and satisfaction on both sides.

A necessary prerequisite for the correct setting of quality parameters is that the SLA of business services is based on real OLA of technical services.

PosAm Servio can meet these requirements even with today’s complex systems and, at the same time, have the quality of services constantly under full control through monitoring, measurement and evaluation.

The basic feature of PosAm Servio is the flexible data structure of the CMDB database, which makes it possible to better coordinate operational processes and manage all information about the infrastructure, its configurations, applications and services in one place.

This information is the basis for better decision-making, better service management and technology asset management. Thanks to the interconnection of incident reports related to specific components, the results of the analyses will help to find best practices for both reactive and proactive incident handling.

Multidimensional reporting is a prerequisite for continuous improvement of management and services.

Measuring SLA parameters, actual utilization of service personnel or customer satisfaction across services is only a fraction of the provided possibilities for transparent evaluation of services.

The data architecture of the system and structured information (tickets, services, configuration items, dependencies) are a prerequisite and guarantee that virtually any qualitative or quantitative report can be produced.

The open integration interface makes it possible to easily connect PosAm Servio with existing customer systems and create conditions for a comprehensive end-to-end solution of requirements.

In the management of ICT services, PosAm Servio is based on best practices within the meaning of ITIL, which makes it a perfect tool for the provision of ICT services according to this methodology.

However, in the implementation we do not focus only on the technical side (installation, configuration) but mainly on methodological work based on the ITIL and ISO 20000 framework, which has the highest added value for the customer.

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Letové prevádzkové služby, š.p. (Air Traffic Services)

The implementation of PosAm Servio in the context of ITIL recommendations and the introduction of services has helped us to better understand our own environment and established processes. The creation of a catalogue of services has helped us to streamline our work, better monitor the progress and evaluate the performance of the provision of operational services.

Ing. Marián Mališ, Project Manager

Slovenské elektrárne a.s. (Slovak power plants)

PosAm Servio was selected for migration from the HP OpenView Service desk because it was able to best meet our requirements at the lowest cost.

Ing. Alexander Kubíni, Head of ICT Customer Service


Servio has taken us a big step forward in terms of the management of IT requirements and support. In a short period of time, we have moved from a solution of our IT requirements that was unsatisfactory in terms of process, cost-effectiveness and quality to an automated system with a standardised process, unified management and control. And all of this with higher quality and cost-effectiveness.

Matúš Durný, Director of the Informatics Competence Center, ENERGOCHEMICA SE

Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s. (East Slovak Distribution)

Thanks to their own solution, PosAm was able to integrate the new system into our complex IT environment in a way that fully satisfies our requirements for fully automatic real-time management of our field employees in their work.

Ing. Mário Šotter, Head of the LV Measurement Service, VSE.

Servio Services

Implementing a process support solution always goes hand in hand with optimising the processes themselves. PosAm has a team of specialists with certifications up to the level of ITIL Expert.

Our rich experience with extensive transformation and operational projects is a guarantee of successful positive changes in customer business and IT processes. As a result, we can transform your IT staff from technology administrators to providers of transparent, low-cost IT services.

Rapid acceptance of the solution in the customer environment is guaranteed by the use of agile methodology in its deployment. This approach allows us to configure PosAm Servio (processes, services, reporting) in accordance with customer expectations after the introductory workshops.

The customer is able to see the basic features of the system very soon and thus to shape it more quickly into the desired final form. In addition to the technical aspects (installation, configuration and customisation), the implementation of the solution mainly includes methodological work based on the ITIL framework and the ISO 20000 standard. It is our expertise and experience that create the highest added value for the customer.

No IT system works as an “independent island”. It needs to be integrated with existing customer systems (e.g., AD/LDAP, ERP, CRM, Monitoring), which brings significant streamlining of processes within service management.

The aim is to create a comprehensive platform and single point of contact for entering, recording and managing various types of reports, defects and requests.

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