Sales force automation system

Higher revenues with experience-assisted sales and powerful multi-channel sales system

Higher sales of insurance products, better customer service, all at a lower cost for the insurance company. This is the reality that PosAm SFA brings to the sale of insurance products. The powerful sales system unifies business processes for all sales channels. 

Together with an application focused on experience-assisted sales, it brings a new dimension to the acquisition process. PosAm SFA is the key to successful acquisition of new clients and to the ability to retain existing ones.

Advantages of the solution

Changing customer behaviour and new technologies are behind the emergence of new sales channels and entire business models. Barriers to purchase must be removed and sales promotion must be ensured through various channels and technology devices. Any complication increases the risk of losing a client who may switch to a competitor.

Both the insurance company and the sales representatives urgently need appropriate application support to meet the needs of the client and to gain an edge over the competition.

PosAm SFA unifies insurance company business functions into a common core for all sales and distribution channels, while providing sales reps with a modern client application for selling insurance products usable on virtually any device.

Multi-channel and multi-platform support makes PosAm SFA an effective sales management tool as well as a powerful tool for experience-assisted sales.

A common business logic for all sales and distribution channels significantly increases efficiency and reduces costs not only in system development and maintenance but also in the introduction of new products into sales.

Whether they are systems for in-house salespeople, brokers, insurance aggregators, financial advisers or online portals, they all communicate with one central SFA system.

Redesigned from the ground up, the business application focuses on ergonomics and user experience. It is a smart assistant that navigates the salesperson from analysing the client’s needs to product costing and, with full support of the insurance product methodology, it facilitates successful closure of a business opportunity.

The interactive sales process focused on assisted sales helps to build a relationship of trust between the policyholder and the insurer. This pays off many times over when acquiring new clients.

The entire sales process is fully digitised and paperless. Electronically concluded contracts do not require any additional manual processing.

The number of additional interventions is reduced to a minimum. Automation reduces the time that needs to be spent on non-productive activities. In this way, salespeople can concentrate on the acquisition of clients, cross sell, up sell and after-sales customer care.

PosAm SFA is a system designed specifically for the sale of insurance products. The multi-channel solution supporting key business processes increases efficiency and reduces costs.

The multi-platform application focused on experience-assisted sales increases success of sales reps and reduces costs of the insurance company. Rapid time to market, high-quality services and transparent information contribute to building trust relationships, which are important for the sale of insurance products.

PosAm SFA is behind the success of the insurance companies of the Allianz Group

14 000

25 000 000
calculations per year

1 000 000
policies processed

years of experience


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