Surveys of claims

Well-managed surveys are the key to quick settlement of insurance claims

Surveys of damaged items play a key role in the claims adjustments, one of the most critical processes of an insurance company. Automation and digitisation helps the insurance company to simplify, accelerate and thoroughly control the whole process, even by tens of percent, which ultimately has a positive impact on both the policyholder’s satisfaction and the insurance company’s efficiency.

Advantages of the solution

Up to 76% of clients consider the speed of claims settlement process to be a key parameter for the choice of insurance company and up to 72% of clients consider the claims settlement process complicated and stressful.

During the survey, all data is entered into the system in digital form. The documents are automatically sent to the contractors who repair the damaged item.

They can enter any changes in the system and these are verified on an ongoing basis. When it comes to settling a claim, in addition to the invoice, all the necessary documents and authorisations are available. The insurance benefit and cover letter can thus be prepared very fast. Everything is fully automated, without the need for intervention by the client.

The amount of repair costs is determined on the basis of price lists of accepted partners directly during the survey. There is no need to check the reasonableness of the costs and this important information is immediately available to the customer. It is why a repair can be approved in less than 2 hours.

A fast, trouble-free and transparent process contributes to the satisfaction of the client, to reducing the repair time and to quick settlement of the claim.

The PosAm solution automates and digitises all activities and ensures their control. Controlled assignment of surveys allows you to start a survey almost immediately, often on the day when the claim is reported.

The system establishes precise rules in communication with the insurance company’s external partners and speeds up even those parts of the process that were previously beyond the insurance company’s control – the repair of the damaged item.

The whole process, from surveys to settlement, is completely paper-free. All data is entered only in digital form, including the signature of the client.

The range of data and supporting documents is modified according to the type of claim or the type of partner. The system is able to work both online and offline. Surveys can also be carried out in areas without Internet connection.

With the PosAm survey system, you only need one solution to survey both property and car damage. The same system is used by internal specialists and external partners.

All this greatly simplifies development, maintenance and training and reduces the cost to the insurance company. The solution is multi-platform. The system is adapted to different technological devices, from computer to tablet to smartphone.

The PosAm survey system will ensure effective management of the process of surveys and repairs of damaged items. The insurance company will have a central management of surveys and external partners as well as effective tools for measuring the performance of internal experts. The approval process will be brought under control and the transparency of costing will significantly increase. Unification of the work-flow will be ensured independently of the costing system of external partners.

Figures for infographics

15% increase in claim settlement efficiency

thanks to the algorithm for assignment of adjusters

20% saving in claim settlement time

thanks to the claim segmentation

30% saving in time spent for survey

and transfer of documentation

100% paper-free survey

of damaged items

reduction in pay for windscreen repairs

of motor vehicles

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