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Successful test of ZSE Drive Intelligent parking with the ParkDots platform

Since March, ParkDots has been monitoring the availability of parking spaces reserved for charging electric cars at one of the busiest stations near Fresh Market in Bratislava. The results of the pilot project convinced ZSE very quickly about the usefulness of this solution. They plan to expand the ZSE Drive Intelligent Parking service to the entire ZSE Drive network of charging stations.

ParkDots uses sensors installed in the road to monitor the availability of parking spaces. Thanks to the evaluation of data from the ZSE Drive charging station and the ParkDots parking platform, it’s possible to identify spaces that are occupied without charging, or those that are occupied illegally. This data helps ZSE, which operates the charging station, to improve the efficiency of use of these locations, which means higher availability of charging and more valuable information for drivers.

ParkDots combines state-of-the-art mobile, cloud and IoT technologies in order to improve parking. The system can monitor the occupancy of parking spaces in real time and provide navigation to the available ones, allows paying for parking and many other useful features. It reduces the time needed to find available spaces, simplifies payment, and increases comfort for drivers. The platform provides valuable information in regard to driver behaviour and utilization of parking spaces that can be further utilized.

ParkDots is a part of Deutsche Telekom's Smart City offer. Although ParkDots was launched only last year, drivers and self-governments in seven Slovak cities are already using its services: Trnava, Trenčín, Liptovský Mikuláš, Dolný Kubín, Prievidza, Nitra, and also the Karlova Ves city district in Bratislava. Private parking operators are also increasingly interested in the useful services of ParkDots, as demonstrated by the successful pilot at ZSE.

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