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Solution Architects becoming PosAm leaders of the DDD Community

On the penultimate Thursday in September the first meeting of the DDD community took place. This is a community of programmers, architects, analysts and other persons involved in software development, the aim of which is to establish application design based on domain-derived concepts. The leaders of the initiative are the Solution Architects at PosAm.

The successful first meeting exceeded expectations

The first meeting which took place at the Campus coworking premises in Bratislava was attended by more than 50 interested persons, who were attracted by the themes Filozofia Domain-Driven Design and Architektúra Microservices. Their presentations were recorded for those who did not have the possibility to participate at the first meet-up.

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Zdeno Jašek, Solution Architect at PosAm, besides Domain-Driven Design (DDD) philosophy, has devoted himself to the key DDD notions: “Bounded Context“ and “Ubiquitous language“. He showed how by ignoring Bounded Context he ended up with an unsuitable application design, or how the principles of the Ubiquitous language are violated and how they contribute to unclear and barely maintainable code.

Miro Rúčka, Solution Architect at PosAm, spoke about his experience regarding the development of an application based on Microservices Architecture. What were the reasons for application of this technology, what expectations and to what extent were they fulfilled and to what extent not, which complications he encountered and which we would avoid in the future?

Who or what is the DDD community

The Domain-driven design (DDD) community is a society of programmers, architects, analysts and other people involved in software development. Its target is usage of up-to-date procedures and technologies in the implementation of applications. The common aim is to set up the design of an application based upon the domain-derived concepts.

The ambition of the DDD community is to share knowledge and experience of the individual community members in the area of Domain Driven Design, as well as in the related technological topics. This community currently acts as a free association without official membership. Its functioning is based on free participation at occasional meetings. Thereby, the term “community member“ is to be understood as any person who takes part in any of the meetings.

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