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High-quality platform for talented pupils, students and their teachers

For the third year in a row, the Dionýz Ilkovič Prize (CDI) is looking for outstanding teachers and non-teaching staff who develop the talents of gifted students in natural-science subjects beyond the common curriculum in Slovakia. For 2019 the organizers have decided to move the project one step further. This year the winner will receive the price from the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation and at the same time he or she will become a member of the CDI Alumni club. In addition to moral recognition of teaching, the aim of the founders of the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation is also to improve the material conditions related to working with talented students.

The prize will be in the hands of the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation

For the past two years the Dionýz Ilkovič Prize was a project of PosAm, a Slovak technological company. However, starting from 2019 the organization and development role will be assumed by the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation.  Its aim is to reward and motivate outstanding teachers but also to emphasize the need for high-quality preparation of students.

Marián Marek, the CEO of PosAm and the promoter of the establishment of the Foundation, is inviting everybody who would like to help teachers not only morally but also materially to join the project. “CDI is close to our hearts and we want it to change gradually from mainly moral recognition to systemic help for both teachers and the school system. To achieve it, we need more partners who will bring inspiration and new ideas, as well as money. This is the reason why we have decided to create a foundation which everyone sharing the same belief may join.”

So in the future the Foundation may provide financial support to both students and teachers when performing their activities at home as well as at international competitions. “We have a lot of great teachers here in Slovakia thanks to whom students perform exceptionally well at international competitions, in spite of the fact that there is often a huge difference in the conditions and the background which various teams have. For example, if we could provide our students and teachers with better technical equipment and support them also with a suitable form of compensation for the time they spend developing young talent in their free time, it would be great news for Slovak science and for the whole of Slovakia as well since we desperately need smart young people,” says another member of the Supervisory Board, a scientist and former presidential candidate, Mr Robert Mistrík.

Alphabetical list of members of the Supervisory Board of the Dionýz Ilkovič Foundation:

Mgr. Michaela Benedigová, PhD., MBA – CEO of SEESAME Communication Experts

PaedDr. Jozef Beňuška, PhD. – teacher of physics

Dr. Radoslav Danilák – hardware architect and CEO of Tachyum

Ing. Marián Marek – CEO of PosAm, spol. s.r.o.

Dr. Ing. Robert Mistrík – Slovak scientist, CEO of HighChem s.r.o.

Eva Potfajová – academic sculptor and daughter of Dionýz Ilkovič

Lucia Šicková – co-founder of PIXEL FEDERATION

There are a lot of great teachers and they should be joined

Together with the Foundation, a teachers´ community called CDI Alumni is being formed which will associate both past and future CDI laureates as well as competition judges. “We want to keep building such a community of teachers around CDI which has the potential to identify challenges and to propose solutions based on verified positive examples. At the same time, we also want to provide an added value for the teachers themselves,” says the academic supervisor and the CDI jury chairman, Martin Plesch from the Institute of Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. “We want to offer the teachers in CDI Alumni the possibility to participate in workshops where they may learn new information and inspiration for work with talented youth at least once a year,” Martin Plesch continues. CDI laureates often do not know one another, so they will have a communication platform available only to them where they may share experience, ask their colleagues for advice, solve challenging tasks or just boast of their success and motivate others.

Nominations for the third year of the Dionýz Ilkovič Prize have been launched

The Dionýz Ilkovič Prize 2019 will be awarded to the winner at a ceremony held on 7 November 2019. In addition to material prizes, the finalists will share a financial reward amounting to EUR 6,000. Teachers may be nominated at where all other information about the Prize may be found. “In the previous years we received almost 70 unique nominations in total. However, we know that there are many more exceptional teachers in Slovakia and we believe that their students, colleagues or families will find the time to appreciate their work,” Martin Plesch adds.

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