SMART solution for insurance companies from PosAm

Published 16.12.2014

The suite of application solutions from PosAm for insurance companies constitutes also a System for managing the inspection of claims for property or vehicle damage (known as PosAm ProLik). It automates and digitalises the process of inspecting insured events and ensures full electronic communication between the insurer and the contractual partner. Internal employees and contractual partners of the company Allianz have been using this information system to enter data and obtain information as part of the process of adjusting claims since 2005. Today, it is used by more than 600 contractual partners.

At the end of its first decade of operation, the system still provides a high level of usefulness. It established the conditions for transferring as much as 80% of inspections from the insurance company to contractual partners. This controlled and secure communication between the insurer and the contractual partner greatly increased effectiveness, generated cost savings and accelerated the process of settling claims (e.g. windscreen glass repairs went from a few days to just 4 hours).

PosAm still seeks out ways to make core processes even more effective for customers. One area that was ripe for innovation was the process of producing, classifying and inputting photographs from vehicle inspections. The availability of mobile smart devices (telephones, tablets) and their technical options inspired PosAm towards more innovations, the outcome of which is the new application – Smart ProLik.

Smart ProLik allows for intelligent collection of photographs from inspections of vehicles as part of insurance claims. For each inspection, the types of shots that are to be taken are named directly in the application. It simplifies work, reduces errors in completing sets of photographs, ensures the automatic classification of photographs by category, increases the security of the whole process and eliminates the possibility of unauthorised manipulation with photographs. Sending photographs to the ProLik On-line system is also extremely simple. Automatic transfer by WiFi is done by simply pressing one button on the SMART device. This greatly simplified the whole inspection process, with increased comfort, ergonomic control of SW solutions and a shorter time for taking and sending photographs. All while preserving the maximum level of solution security.

We believe that this solution deserves the SMART label not only for the type of end device it uses, but also for its properties and usefulness, which are appreciated not just by users, but also customers of insurers. The numbers alone speak of their preferences: up to 80% of respondents regard the quality and speed of settling claims as one of the key parameters in their choice of insurer, with 50% preferring communication in electronic form and 35% of respondents wanting to have an online overview of the status of their claim.

The unique solution on the market for SMART inspections of insurance claims was downloaded by 25% of potential users already in the first two weeks from launch on the Android market. Their feedback to the new system is highly positive so far and confirms the usefulness of the latest, and definitely not the last, innovation from the PosAm workshop.

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