Slovak Telekom sells its stake in PosAm subsidiary

Published 8.3.2023

Slovak Telekom Group has announced a further change in its structure. Slovak Telekom has sold its 51% stake in PosAm – which it owned since 2010 – and as a result, PosAm will once again operate independently on the Slovak ICT market from March 3rd, 2023.

Slovak Telekom agreed on the buyback of 51% of the company’s share directly with its founder and CEO Marián Marek. However, the sale of PosAm does not prevent Slovak Telekom and PosAm looking for opportunities for effective cooperation on selected projects in the future. PosAm is not the first company that Slovak Telekom has sold in the recent period. In June 2020, Slovak Telekom also sold its 100% stake in Zoznam.

Change after 13 years

Through buying the majority share in one of the ICT market leaders – PosAm – Slovak Telekom planned to acquire competences in a new segment in 2010, and to offer clients a more comprehensive range of services – including infrastructure and application solutions. Over the subsequent decade, several successful solutions were created in cooperation between the two companies. Examples include the first large Slovak public cloud under the Telekom brand in 2011 – built and operated by PosAm.

Examples of key innovations developed in recent years include the ParkDots parking application – which Deutsche Telekom chose in 2018 for its Smart City portfolio, and with which PosAm – in cooperation with Czech T-Mobile in 2020 – went on to win the competition for the largest city parking project in Pardubice.

“PosAm was the second successful acquisition in the history of the Group, and at the given time helped us to develop our ICT activities and expansion in this area. During 13 years of joint synergies, both companies have mutually advanced in ICT and managed to establish themselves in the segment of cloud solutions and – most recently – in the parking solutions segment. We truly appreciate the previous years and our joint work on several important projects. Currently, the composition and structure of our Group’s business is partially changing, and we are focusing on new technological challenges such as the construction of optics and the next generation of mobile networks. For the B2B segment, we have a comprehensive range of connectivity and solutions on offer under the T Biznis identity. We continue to see PosAm as an important player in the field of ICT, and we wish PosAm further success in the market,” summed up Pavel Hadrbolec, CFO of the Slovak Telekom Group.

“Thirteen years of close cooperation within the Deutsche Telekom group gave us a lot of experience, and enabled us to have a more intensive insight into foreign markets. Together, we managed to implement several large projects, and to develop the robust ParkDots urban parking system – which is today the most used parking solution in Slovakia. We additionally gained new knowledge and partnerships in the field of infrastructure and storage systems. At PosAm, we want to continue to focus on key projects, and to develop our competences using state-of-the-art technologies in order to continuously deliver software solutions with high benefits to our customers,” said Marián Marek, CEO of PosAm.

PosAm: No changes in our strategic direction and product portfolio

PosAm is one of the oldest ICT companies in Slovakia – having been established in 1990, and in the following two decades having developed into one of the leading system integrators in Slovakia. In 2010, PosAm became part of the Slovak Telekom Group which forms part of the international Deutsche Telekom group. As of March 3rd, 2023, PosAm was separated from the structure of Slovak Telekom in the form of a management buyout. Marián Marek will once again become the majority owner, and the members of the management team will become minority shareholders.

PosAm covers the information system for managing public finances and the register of financial statements for the Ministry of Finance, complex information systems for the Allianz insurance company, and several contracts in the field of IT outsourcing for Tatra banka, Slovenské elektrárne, Stredoslovenská distribučná, SPP-distribution, and other important companies on the market. Among the latest acquisitions is a project at ČEZ Distribuce which uses advanced mathematical optimizations to manage the work of 250 dispatchers and 2,000 distribution network technicians in the field on a daily basis.

About PosAm, spol. s r.o.: PosAm is a leading Slovak IT company which bases its operations on deep knowledge of customers’ businesses and the ability to bring them useful solutions and services focused on the development, integration, and management of software works, design, implementation, and management of virtualized IT infrastructures and the care of end devices. PosAm provides its own software solutions in the areas of field service management, insurance, transport, and public administration. PosAm has been successfully helping companies in Slovakia and abroad to achieve their business, financial, technological and strategic goals for 33 years.

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About Slovak Telekom, a. s.

Slovak Telekom is the largest Slovak telecommunications operator with many years of experience, and a responsible approach to business. Under the Telekom brand, Slovak Telekom provides a wide portfolio of fixed and mobile network services to individuals, households and corporate customers. Every year, Slovak Telekom invests tens of millions of Euros into building its own fixed and mobile infrastructure. Services on the optical network are already available to more than a million households. Telekom’s mobile networks received the Best in Test award from umlaut (P3) for their quality seven times in a row between 2015 and 2019. Slovak Telekom started the first commercial 5G network operation in December 2020.

Slovak Telekom is part of the multinational Deutsche Telekom Group. Its sole shareholder is Deutsche Telekom Europe B.V. with a 100% share.

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