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Customer‘s profile

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. are the dominant producer of electricity in Slovakia. Their portfolio includes 34 hydro, 2 thermal and 2 nuclear power plants.

Since 2006, the company has been a member of Enel, multinational Italian group which is the leading producer of electricity in Italia and disposes of the second biggest installed capacity in Europe.

Management summary

Outsourcing allows significant reduction of costs and improvement of IT support and operation. Proof of correctness of the decision to engage external form of service provision includes the high quality and efficiency of IT support of services as well as almost 100% satisfaction of users.

Initial status

Slovenské elektrárne a.s. provided support of end device operation for approximately 4000 employees at 35 branches throughout Slovakia by means of their own IT department. These mainly routine activities involved a lot of capacities of its personnel and despite their efforts and high costs the services were not provided at desired level.  There was no functional single contact point available for reporting users’ requirements. There was no systematic recording or central management of requirements solution. Users used to address their requirements directly to individual IT department employees.

Lack of process management and clear definition of responsibilities led to inefficiency and overburdened IT personnel. There were no metrics available and no measurements were carried out necessary for evaluation of services in terms of quality and costs.

Goals and requirements

When choosing the form of ICT service support and operation, Slovenské elektrárne aimed at cost reduction and increase of quality of services at all company’s branchces. After careful consideration, the company opted for outsourcing as an advanced and efficient way to support and operate end devices. Expertise and practical experience as well as reliability and ability to meet specific requirements made Slovenské Elektrárne choose the company PosAm as their professional provider of services .


First of all, it was necessary to create suitable conditions for outsourcing of services. Based on the proven 3P (People, Processes, Products) methodology, transformations in three key areas were carried out.

The People stage fulfilment was achieved by training selected ICT support employees and by changing evaluation methodology. Performance has become the key metrics which motivated employees to carefully observe processes and streamline work habits. Separation of support and operation of end devices was carried out including takeover of selected IT department personnel who ensured this activity before.

The Processess stage focused on designs of processes and process schemes for all services. This stage included creation of catalogue of services and setting qualitative levels. Requirements started to be systematically categorized and assigned to particular solvers or solution groups.

Within the Products stage, based on catalogue of services, an application for support of Service desk as the central contact point for reporting requirements, incidents and problems was set, which ensured application support and observation of agreed SLA parameters.

Results and benefits

By introduction of PosAm Operation IT services, Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. have obtained a full package of services with high added value for technical support and operation of end devices. The provider, i.e. the company PosAm, guarantees availability of services and reasonable agreed response time to user requirements and subsequent solutions for a transparent price.

Introduction of process management services based on ITIL recommendations allows to efficiently ensure functionality and availability of desktops, laptops, printers and network infrastructure of required quality and for agrred price.

Transition to external form of IT management has brought higher level of control over operating costs as well as their predictability. It allows determining accurate numbers of costs of individual services and evaluating their quality. Within the observed period compared to the original status, costs of of end device operation support were reduced by 30 %, which constitutes a significant competitive advantage. Higher quality of provided services was also appreciated by the users themselves. Over 95% of them express their high satisfaction with technical support services.

Main benefits of the solution

  • 95 % of users have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of services
  • Cost reduction by 30%



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