Hitachi disk arrays in Privatbanka

Company profile

Privatbanka is the first bank in Slovakia to specialise in providing private banking services. The bank offers financial products and investment services that meet clients’ requirements and ideas about asset appreciation and comprehensive wealth management. The bank’s clients have the opportunity to benefit from a well-designed portfolio of services and products linked also to the investment activities of the parent Penta group. Privatbanka provides superior private banking services also in the Czech Republic.


Privatbanka operated its storage infrastructure on products of a competitor that were implemented 8 years ago. Due to age and technological capabilities, the equipment no longer met the requirements of today.

Objectives and requirements

The objective was to procure modern flash-based technology that would deliver high performance and maximum reliability to the customer. A key requirement of the customer was to implement a metro storage cluster that provides protection against disk array failure in a single location.


Based on the analysis of customer needs and requirements, we designed and delivered a pair of Hitachi VSP G370 disk arrays in the High availability (HA) configuration. High Availability (HA) is provided by Global Active Device (GAD) technology. Both disk arrays are fitted with solid-state drives (SSDs) to ensure fast response times and high throughput. In addition to the storage layer with Hitachi technology, we have also implemented a new DWDM technology built on SmartOptics technology. With the 16GBit SAN transfer rate and 10GBit LAN transfer rate, Privatbanka is able to make more efficient use of the existing optical link between the two sites.

The implementation consisted of three phases: (1) consolidation of the existing SAN environment, (2) implementation of the new DWDM technology, (3) implementation of the new storage technology. Data migration was performed by the customer itself.


With the deployment of modern technologies (16GBit SAN, DWDM, SSD storage), Privatbanka has significantly accelerated its applications, thus improving its internal environment and bringing added value – quality and speed of data processing – to its clients. Another important benefit is the simple scalability of the new infrastructure, which enables the bank to bring new services supported by innovative applications to its clients. The scalability of the solution will meet the changing demands for the growing volume of processed and stored data in the future.

One of the most perceived internal benefits is the reduction of the daily cut-off time to one-third of the original time.

About Hitachi Vantara

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