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PosAm, Microsoft and ZMOS (Association of Towns and Communities of Slovakia) have joined forces and provided remote teamwork technologies for municipalities

The current crisis situation related to the spread of the Coronavirus has also affected the lives of local government employees. It has created a barrier that made it impossible for people to work according to normal practices. The latest information technologies will help them to overcome this barrier, enabling them to work fully in teams and directly from home. PosAm and Microsoft, at the initiative of ZMOS, have made the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool available to all municipalities in Slovakia.

PosAm and Microsoft responded to ZMOS' call and gave a helping hand to Slovak municipalities and towns in a difficult situation related to the spread of COVID-19. This cooperation has helped to remove the barriers that have arisen after people were forced to swap their workplaces for their homes. We believe that modern technologies can start a new method of teamwork, which will allow Slovak municipalities and cities to continue to work effectively. The Microsoft Teams collaboration tool has been made available for thousands of employees in 2,930 municipalities in Slovakia since 1 April.

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 and provides a modern work environment for team collaboration. It is a platform for interviews, on-line meetings and video conferencing, and it enables working with files and sharing them in teams. This allows team members to communicate with each other and have access to the information they need. They can use Microsoft Teams no matter where they are, and on any device. They can add content and features to their work environment that correspond to their daily needs.

PosAm, a leading Slovak IT company, has extensive experience with the electronization of processes at the local government level. In cooperation with the DEUS Association (an organization founded by ZMOS and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic), it participated in the creation of the Data Centre of Municipalities and Towns (DCOM), which makes electronic services available to local governments and citizens. Currently, its services are used by more than 2,100 municipalities and towns. Thanks to the platform and technologies brought to the municipalities by DCOM, it was possible to react flexibly and very promptly to the current situation, and supplement the services by Microsoft Teams. Its services will be provided to municipalities free of charge.

Registration to this service can be requested by a statutory representative of the municipality through ZMOS, or the PosAm website.

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