As part of the TOOP project, we are helping to create IT architecture for the European Single Digital Gateway initiative

Published 16.1.2019

The EU Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR), which is a Europe-wide legal act, requires the Member States and countries of the European Community to provide citizens and businesses with access to 21 digitized administrative procedures in a safe and convenient way by 2023. These are, for example, application for a birth certificate, registration of a vehicle, commencement of a business, or filing a tax return for corporate income tax.

These services must be fully online and must comply with “The Once-Only Principle” across all the countries of the EU. Therefore, information that has already been submitted to the administrative authorities of the country of origin or that are held by the administrative authorities of the country of origin, will not need to be repeatedly sent to the country of destination. The goal is to remove discriminatory barriers, help citizens and businesses to meet their obligations across borders. According to the European Commission, this should help EU citizens save up to 855,000 hours and companies over EUR 11bn a year.

With the aim of achieving an automated document exchange and seamless digital communication between competent authorities in different Member States, the 21 online processes established in each Member State will be linked to data sources across Europe. The concept for a technical solution is being tested as part of the EU’s eGovernment Action Plan for 2016-2020 under TOOP (The Once-Only Principe) project. Within TOOP, a special IT infrastructure has been created that allows data exchange between public authorities at the transnational level under “The Once-Only Principe”. In Slovakia, the project includes the Register of Financial Statements of the Ministry of Finance of the SR. Today, as part of the test concept, it already provides data within a single IT infrastructure. Participation in the TOOP project is technically and organizationally ensured by PosAm.

“We are pleased that, with our experience in developing solutions based on open systems and Open API that bring significant benefits to citizens and companies in Slovakia, we can help to address similar challenges and simplify administration across the entire European Union,” said Peter Kolesár, Director for Public Administration at PosAm, regarding PosAm’s participation in the TOOP project.

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