PosAm awarded Tatra Banka as a supplier of the Year 2015

Published 22.3.2016

At the end of 2014, PosAm was successful in the face of tough multinational competition in the tender for the solution of “End User Services” in Tatra banka. On 1.3.2015, PosAm replaced the original provider and assumed responsibility for the operation and support of several thousand IT end devices and their users, not just at the head office, but also all branches and other members of the Tatra banka group.

“It is always pleasing for us when a satisfied customer appreciates the quality of our work. The award of Tatra banka is all the more precious because we managed to meet and exceed the highly demanding requirements. We perceive this success also as a commitment in future co-operation to provide the customer with even greater usefulness in future,” noted Radovan Viskupič, Director for Banks and Insurance Companies, PosAm.

A key to providing quality services was to set them up correctly. PosAm experts conducted a detailed audit, mapped and defined provided services thoroughly by Best practices in line with ITIL. The clearly defined scope and quality of services helped Tatra banka increase transparency and control. Optimization combined with effective management and operation of services converted into cost savings. In terms of security, this was harmonized with the internal regulations of the bank and with the National Bank of Slovakia.

Preparation for takeover of the services was done at a demanding time, the end of 2014. Even so, we coped with everything in record time and the transition was so smooth that neither clients nor employees felt the change in any way. The excellently prepared transition was proven by how even from the first days the quality of services was on the maximum level and the agreed qualitative parameters were met in 99.5% of cases.

“According to data from IDC, our success in Tatra banka moved us into the number three spot among the largest providers of IT outsourcing on the Slovak market. We drew on our many years of experience and abilities with the provision of operational IT services for some of the largest Slovak entities – Slovenské elektrárne, Ministry of Finance SR, ZUNO Bank or Československá obchodní banka,” said Ladislav Bogdány, Chief Services Officer, PosAm.

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