New approach to sales channel management in the energy sector

Published 17.8.2016

In June 2016, PosAm successfully completed the first stage of implementing a new system for sales management in ZSE Energia. We introduced four key changes to the company’s product sales: complete transition to paperless processes, preparation of quality personalised offers in real time, detailed management and control of the whole sales process and simplification of processes at branches and in the field.

Paperless processes accelerated contract activation by weeks

An important issue concerning the switch to paperless processes is how to resolve expressions of will, i.e. the signing of contracts and other documents. PosAm implements the technology of digital handwritten signatures for the signing of electronic documents. This means that although the customer is signing using their hand, instead of paper and pen a special signing pad or tablet is used. They not only scan the graphic form of the signature, but also its biometric characteristics. From the perspective of guaranteed authenticity, a signature created using this technology has the same quality as a signature by pen on paper. It is practically impossible to falsify and any attempt is forensically identified (forensic document examination).

Thanks to the paperless process when entering into contracts, data are immediately transferred to the central system without the need to transcribe them from paper versions. We therefore managed to cut the time from signing a contract to its execution from weeks to just days, or even hours. At the same time, we eliminated the costs for processing and archiving paper documents, minimised errors and, of course, generated substantial savings on paper and printing.

Personalised offers increased seller success, multichannel support increased their agility

Before signing the contract itself, however, you have to choose the right product. The new system from PosAm introduces an important change also in this part of the sales process. The use of preprepared standard paper contracts were replaced by personalised offers, which take into account the individual needs of the customer. We achieved this new function by combining sales and the CRM system and by elaborating a sophisticated business logic. It takes into account information about the customer, their history (products, contracts, invoices, consumption and so on), as well as the current product portfolio of ZSE.

It is important that we ensure the same functionality for the field sales team as the branches enjoy. This uniform process and the same application support for various sales channels and sales points produces many positive effects. The sales force received a modern and powerful tool for preparing offers, while the inclusion of new products for sale is greatly simplified and accelerated, with lower costs and better sales results.

Efficient management and control improved the sales process

For ZSE Energia managers to have the whole process under control, we equipped them with a strong mechanism for managing sellers and product campaigns. The system registers the assignment of customers to individual sales representatives, records sales activity and evaluates the effectiveness of individual sellers and campaigns. This has a positive impact on the effectiveness of sales and on attaining the company’s business goals.

A system that pushes ZSE Energia to the top

The energy business today is incomparable to what it was ten years ago and the whole sector stands at the threshold of major change. We are witnessing change in global trends, economics, geopolitics, and the rise of new technologies, while customer behaviour and expectations are changing. Energy companies await transformation from being mere suppliers of commodities to providers of comprehensive energy solutions. The high standard of customer care and the ability to provide quality advice and services will be crucial to achieving this goal.

The new system of management and product sales also helps ZSE Energia confront this challenge in the face of growing competition. “PosAm was able to synchronise its technology with our systems to create a single harmonious whole that would bring a new standard and quality to our sales and service processes. At a time when mobility is ever present, it is crucial that thanks to the multichannel solution we can provide customers with the same quality of services across all sales-service channels, as well as at home in the case of a personal visit” adds Rajmund Rédvai, Head of Retail Section from ZSE Energia.

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