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Published 24.6.2016

One of the key topics of the conference was how digitalisation of processes and the transition to a paperless system is affected by Regulation No. 610/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European internal market, known as eEIDAS, which entered into force on 1.7.2016.

The declared goal of eIDAS is to boost trust and legal assurance by laying down basic rules for the electronic exchange of information and documents between citizens, companies and public administration authorities. Based on this, the harmonisation of rules is anticipated regarding the electronic identification of persons and increasing trust services for electronic transactions in the single European digital market. One area that eIDAS deals with is the signing of electronic documents.

This theme was also the subject of the presentation of Leo Barysz, PosAm Product Manager, who introduced an alternative in the form of digital handwritten signatures. This method of signing electronic documents is the most natural alternative to putting pen to paper. It is convenient for users and its implementation requires no changes to established processes. It is suitable for “contact” situations when it is possible to identify the signatory, who then signs the electronic document with a handwritten signature using a special pad or large tablet display screen.

The technology of a Digital handwritten signature has been used in practice for several PosAm customers: Tatra banka (250 branches), Slovak Telekom (100 sales points), VSE (80 sales points), or ZSE (100 mobile salespeople and sales points).

A major advantage compared to other electronic signatures or on-line signature scenarios is that with a digital handwritten signature there is no need for any technical equipment for entering into a contract, such as a card, tag, telephone, verification account and there is no need to remember any identifiers for verification (e.g. verification account, PIN). All that is needed is a valid identification document and a handwritten signature.

You can find out more about signing electronic documents with a Digital handwritten signature, sometimes referred to as Biometric signature, in the article on the topic (link to article).


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