PosAm confirmed record-breaking results in successful 2018

Published 7.3.2019

A particular part of this strategy was the acquisition of then Slovak market leader in the vehicle movement monitoring segment, Commander Services, and achievement of the preferred solution position with Deutsche Telekom for our ParkDots solution. Entry into the new IoT market segment made a significant contribution to PosAm’s record-breaking results.

In the unique software solutions segment, PosAm managed to retain all key customers in public and commercial sectors. The company confirmed its technological excellence in the ČEZ group. PosAm succeeded in an international tender and gained a significant contract with our own solution for managing service workers in the field. With this, the company has confirmed its position as the Slovak leader in the development of unique software solutions, as the requirements expected knowledge of artificial intelligence, automated user interface generation, and hybrid mobile applications.

A traditional part of PosAm’s work is also the creation of the infrastructure necessary for running software solutions. The company has made significant progress in adopting a modern concept of infrastructure creation through software code. It’s able to use the cloud environment for automated infrastructure generation, which brings increased speed, lower costs, and higher reliability.

The company’s long-term activities also include end-device care that is provided for large organizations in the public and commercial sectors. In the past year PosAm has focused on further measures towards greater efficiency, to maintain our competitiveness in this highly price-sensitive market segment.

The above listing suggests that PosAm was able to meet the company’s mission in 2018 – to deliver the benefit of state-of-the-art technologies to our customers. At PosAm, there is a belief that successful IT operations should also have a broader social dimension. We systematically support the development of talent and the transfer of experience and knowledge in the field of natural sciences at all levels of education, from primary schools to IT professionals.

Via the Dionýz Ilkovič Award, we appreciate pedagogues for the development of talent in natural sciences at primary and secondary schools. In the Don’t Be Indifferent project, we help secondary school pupils with university selection. At PosAm Full-stack Academy we educate and inspire talented software developers from universities and launch their careers. In the IT professional community, we organize meetings within the Domain-Driven Design community to share knowledge and experience in the IT architect community.

About PosAm

PosAm is a leading Slovak IT company. PosAm confirmed and reinforced this position in 2010 when it became part of the Deutsche Telekom Group. The company’s mission is to bring customers benefits through unique solutions using information technologies.

Within its portfolio, PosAm offers individual software development, custom application solutions and products, infrastructure solutions and outsourcing of IT services. In addition to services and solutions for corporate customers in the segments of network industries, industry, banks, insurance, telecommunications, and public administration, PosAm focuses its efforts also on customer domains and segments by offering IoT products.

Annual report for 2018

(1)  Pro forma consolidated data including the subsidiary company Commander Services, s.r.o.

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