PosAm captures attention at the F5 Networks conference with its solution for VIAMO

Published 30.10.2013

At the conference entitled “Think BIG”, PosAm presented the implementation of the F5 BIG-IP platform for the company VIAMO, which secures banking transactions made using mobile telephones. Our security architect demonstrated how by proposing suitable architecture and by utilising the set of tools of the F5 BIG-IP platform, it is not only possible to deal with the current needs of the customer, but also prepare the solution for future challenges.

Key requirements defined by the customer included high availability, scalability and flexibility, full control of communication, SSL offloading, load balancing and a high performance application firewall. The proposed solution, in addition to meeting these requirements, provides the unique possibility of virtual patching via iRules (complete control and modification of communication), the primary feature of which is the speed of application and flexibility.

Specialists at the event therefore had the chance to see first hand not just the properties of the solution F5 BIG-IP, but also the level of competence that PosAm possesses in respect of the consulting, design and delivery of security solutions.


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Change of Company’s Registered Office

Change of Company’s Registered Office
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Slovak Telekom sells its stake in PosAm subsidiary
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