PosAm awarded Tatra Banka as a supplier of the Year 2016

Published 20.4.2017

PosAm started to provide End User Services in Tatra banka in 2015. The customer appreciated the trouble-free takeover of this service from the original provider and the quality of the service itself by awarding the title “Supplier of the Year 2015” in the “Product and Service Optimization” category. In the same year, PosAm excelled again during the transfer of the customer’s processing centre.

In 2016 followed a complex project of relocating the data centre of Tatra banka. The numbers themselves describe its scope. Preparation phase 5 months, implementation phase 6 months, post relocation phase 2 months. Almost three hundred physical servers and three large disk arrays. Everything moved to a new location without any impact on the operation of Tatra banka.

The significance of the project and the satisfaction of the customer with the implementation of this task are evidenced by the award of the title of Supplier of the Year 2016 to PosAm and Slovak Telekom, in the category Project of the Year.

“We value this positive feedback. It’s gratifying but it’s also a commitment. PosAm repeatedly confirmed that it can compete with renowned foreign providers both in price and quality of its services. Two awards in two years give a clear message. They confirm that PosAm does great work in Tatra banka,” said Radovan Viskupič, Director for banks and insurance companies in PosAm, after receiving the award.

About Tatra banka

Tatra banka with more than 700 thousand clients is the third largest Slovak bank. It was established in 1990 as the first private bank in Slovakia. Today, it is a leader in the area of private banking, corporate loans, electronic banking, asset management, mortgage loans and payment cards. Tatra banka Group also includes companies Tatra Leasing, Tatra Residence, Tatra Asset Management and DDS of Tatra banka.

More about IT services of PosAm in Tatra banka

The satisfaction of IT users in Tatra banka is in the hands of specialists from PosAm

Tatra banka acknowledged PosAm as the Supplier of 2015

Better IT services for less money

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