Once-only on a European level

Published 26.5.2016

The main objective of the project is to enable better exchange of information and documents concerning business entities in the public administration environment of EU member countries. The anticipated outcomes of the project will generate time savings, reduce bureaucracy for businesses, speed up the arrangement of legal obligations, while raising the overall quality and effectiveness of public administration. Over the long-term, the project should make it possible to improve the functioning of the EU single market (digital single market) and improve the services of public administration for businesses.

As part of the project, entrants are to compile the principles for the creation or improvement of electronic services in public administration based on a common shared architecture and by applying the principle “Once-Only”. To satisfy this principle, the registers in various EU member states will be linked up, while preserving the security, quality and protection of data.

The project was designed by an international consortium led by Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia, with the participation of some 21 EU countries. The Slovak representative in the project is PosAm, with the support of the Ministry of Finance SR and the Statistical Office SR.

It was PosAm that launched the Register of Financial Statements (RÚZ) to live operation in Slovakia in 2014, and it will represent one of the systems providing data as part of the shared architecture. RÚZ is a public administration information system that serves as the central depositary of financial statements and related documents in Slovakia. The system makes data of other institutions and systems available by way of a web or program interface, thereby reducing the administrative burden for businesses, improving the business environment and increasing transparency.

The register received positive feedback from the professional community thanks to the benefit to the Slovak business environment and it has won several awards. Openness and interoperability are the key characteristics of RÚZ, making it possible to employ the Once-Only basic rule of eGovernment. The Once-Only challenge endeavours to achieve this goal on an international level as part of the Horizont 2020 programme.

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