Nexthink awarded ITAM Review Innovation of 2015

Published 30.11.2015

The ITAM Review Excellence Award appreciates true pioneers in the ITAM industry. In the Innovation category, it awards new ideas, technological innovations and creative approaches. When awarding the prize, it assesses compliance of the solution with legislative requirements, financial transparency, acquisition effectiveness, but chiefly the ability to ensure an IT team has the agility and reaction ability by using suitable ITAM business intelligence.

The solution Nexthink version 6 won the award Innovation of 2015 at the ITAM Review Excellence Award for its pioneering approach to IT analysis from the perspective of the end user, ensuring an unparalleled view into IT from the perspective of functionality and actual usefulness.

PosAm uses the analytical tool Nexthink and is the first representative of this Swiss company in Eastern Europe. Co-operation with Nexthink and the use of their unique technology in the field of End-user IT Analytics lets PosAm improve the provision of operational services even further and introduce a new quality to administration of the IT environment.

Nexthink gives you a real-time insight and analysis of how the whole IT infrastructure and end devices are being utilized. All key events on the end user side, like changes in the IT infrastructure, the use of applications, bandwidth, error reports and faults, as well as potential security risks and the provision of IT services, are all recorded and displayed from the perspective of the end user.

This quality monitoring and analysis of IT positively affects the management of the entire IT infrastructure. It helps reduce the number of incidents, while improving and accelerating care of end devices. It increases the security of the IT environment, while improving the problem of planning and managing transformation projects. At the same time, it helps ensure compliance and keeps the number of software licences under control.

ITAM Review

ITAM Review is an online magazine and discussion forum for ITAM professionals. The platform provides independent news, reviews and opinions with the aim of bringing together vendors, partners, customers and users working in IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management or Software Licensing.

About Nexthink

Nexthink is a pioneer in End-user IT Analytics, a solution intended for monitoring IT from the end user perspective. The unique software means you have company-wide analysis in real time. It covers all end devices, users, applications, network connections and visualization of IT infrastructure and provided services.

About PosAm

PosAm is a leading Slovak IT company, part of the Slovak Telekom group. Based on data from IDC, PosAm is number three on the market of Operational IT services in Slovakia. The company secures the administration and operation of IT infrastructure for entities from the banking and insurance sectors, industry, utilities and telecommunications.

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