DCOM presented at Open Days in Brussels

Published 24.10.2014

For municipalities, for the people – cloud in reality. The title of the presentation about the DCOM project symbolically reflects not just the main idea, but also how the whole project is implemented. The aim of the presentations of ZMOS and PosAm representatives was to show the participants of Open Days how local governments can apply eDemocracy and eGovernment in practice, and how they can acquaint their residents with it via cloud solutions.

The main objective of the DCOM project is to make e-services more accessible to citizens and to improve their provision significantly on the level of regional and local government. The project includes the creation of a set of software solutions for increasing the work effectiveness of local offices and for making electronic services of local government available to citizens. These solutions will be provided to local governments via the special data centre for towns and villages as “software as a service” (SaaS). The DCOM project also includes the supply of necessary IT equipment for local government offices and its subsequent maintenance, as well as user support. This means the municipalities will have a comprehensive set of services at their disposal, covering their needs and unburdening them from a significant part of caring for IT.

DCOM is the largest IT project to be financed from European funds in 2013 and is unique in Central and East Europe. The leader of the consortium setting up DCOM is the company PosAm. The project is currently in pilot operation, with towns and villages that expressed an interest in the services being added to the system gradually over the coming months. Once fully operational, it is estimated that DCOM will provide services to something like 1,300 towns and villages, meaning around 1.9 million inhabitants.

As its name suggests, the Open Days event at which the DCOM project was presented means representations of towns and regions in the EU in Brussels open up their doors to visitors and allow representatives of regional and local administrations and experts to exchange their attested experiences and know-how in the field of regional and municipal development. Since 2003, when the first Open Days took place, the event has developed into the largest public events of its kind in Europe.

More about project DCOM:

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