Breakthrough in insurance distribution strategy

Published 28.7.2016

The 8th Annual Insurance Distribution Strategies conference, to be held on 13-14 October in Amsterdam, focuses on current topics in the insurance sector. Digitization of the standard distribution model, New distribution channels in the digital world, Customer demands in the digital environment and how to meet them, Brand building in relation to sales processes in the digital environment, Establishing a positive customer experience in the sales and post-sales process.

The global insurance market is entering a period of unprecedented change. Changing customer behaviour, pressure of regulators and new technologies are all set to transform the whole market dramatically in the years to come. Having a better understanding of the demands and expectations of customers in the digital era helps insurers prepare their product innovations, improves the effectiveness of sales channel management, optimises activities as part of individual phases of the sales cycle, boosts customer satisfaction, and in the end assists them also in achieving their business goals.

Fundamental changes to products and how sales are made means that the sale of new products can be launched in the shortest time possible. A shorter time-to-market is unavoidable with breakthrough innovation and business strategy of the future. In his talk, PosAm’s Director of International Development, Ján Rapan, will be looking at how to minimise the time from idea to actual placement of a product on the market using multiple sales channels. The aim is not only to gain a competitive advantage, but also reduce costs and ensure a faster return on investment and profit generation. What PosAm is presenting to event participants is not some theoretical concept, but a third generation solution for multichannel sales of insurance products that has been attested in practice.

About the conference:

8th Annual Insurance Distribution Strategies

About PosAm:

PosAm is a leading Slovak IT company. The company reaffirmed and boosted this position in 2010 when it became part of the Deutsche Telekom group.

PosAm concentrates its efforts on providing services and solutions for corporate clients from the banking, insurance, industrial, utility and telecommunications sectors, and in public administration.

In the insurance business, PosAm has developed unique solutions for key insurance processes: Sales, Product Development, Claims Management and Fraud Detection. It is here that PosAm is the flagship of the whole Deutsche Telekom group thanks to its know-how in this field.

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