Zagreb becomes the fourth city with a Pan-Net branch

Published 10.7.2017

The objective of DT Pan-Net, an affiliate branch within Deutsche Telekom (DT), is to build a Europe-wide network and joint technological platform for the provision of telecommunication services to individual national providers within DT. The strategic program includes the establishment of branches in countries for which DT Pan-Net already provides or will provide its services.

The Pan-Net strategic road-map featured Zagreb as a city where it was necessary to prepare the ICT infrastructure for new representation until the end of June. Thanks to the professionalism of PosAm cloud specialists, the task was executed within just three days. Consequently, PosAm assumed responsibility for the whole infrastructure as well as its users. When it comes to the provision of IT sources by outsourcing, PosAm is number three on the Slovak market and is expanding its services beyond the territory of Slovakia thanks to DT Pan-Net.

The fast-changing customer ICT environment requires high flexibility from the supplier as well as a technical solution. The fast growth of DT Pan-Net is supported by numbers. In 2016, DT Pan-Net’s revenues increased by 814% compared to 2015, reaching EUR 14.37 mil. and its profit increased from EUR 58,365 to EUR 1.028 million. It is due to the necessary flexibility that PosAm used cloud solutions for building its ICT infrastructure for DT Pan-Net, having a lot of experience in this field. Its customers’ top representatives could also appreciate the smooth and fast course of particular installations.

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