Digital service points

PosAm brings solutions that enable the digitisation of client service points.

PosAm eSign and PosAm dScan significantly accelerate the document processing, eliminate the need for paper, save costs and eliminate the error rate of manual document processing. 
Handwritten digitised signature (eSign) and document scanning and authentication (dScan) solutions are complementary technologies that complement each other when serving clients. 

PosAm eSign

A handwritten signature is still often used to verify the identity of persons and authorise documents such as contracts, transactions, checks, protocols, and so on. In many cases, the need for a handwritten signature is the only obstacle to the full digitisation of document processing and process automation.

The PosAm eSign solution transforms the traditional process of identity authentication and document signing to meet the requirements of the digital age. It enables reliable authorisation by having the signature device capture not only the graphic form of the signature, but also its physical properties.

Authorisation of persons and signing of documents are two independent operations, so the client can use the technology alternatively for: 

  • authorisation of persons,
  • signing of documents,
  • authorisation of persons and signing of documents.

The eSign Proxy solution enables easy deployment of a fine-tuned product based on Namirial technologies and PosAm integration services.


The main benefits of digitised signature include the elimination of paper, authentication of individuals, minimal requirements for process change, and the creation of a signed document.



When serving clients, the standard procedure is to verify their identity on the basis of identification documents (e.g., identity card, passport, driving license). In addition to verifying the conformity between the person submitting the document and the data on the document itself, it is in many cases necessary to verify the authenticity of the document issued.

The PosAm dScan solution enables the operator of the service point to perform the following actions via specialised hardware and software: 

  • scanning data from the document, 
  • scanning of the document,
  • verification of the authenticity of the document.

Common practices in the document scanning market are the so-called slot readers. They are stand-alone devices or readers connected to keyboards. This solution is commonly used by counter staff (e.g., banks, insurance companies, hotels).


The main benefits of scanning and verifying identification documents include eliminating manual errors, eliminating paper, eliminating fraud, speeding up the process of verifying people, and requiring minimal process change.


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