PosAm is the main partner of the BR2FLY running series again in 2022

Published 25.3.2022

After last year’s successful BR2FLY series, we have decided to support the multi-sport program again this year. The main purpose of the project is to involve the wider public and employees of both PosAm and Commander in joint sporting activities. Movement, overcoming challenges, overcoming oneself, and team spirit are the best remedy for the psychological demands of the times we are living in right now.

The special series of races will kick off with a 5 km warm-up lap in Pečniansky Forest in Bratislava’s Petržalka district.  In May, our athletes will have a challenging course on the Rovinka dam, where they will run 10 km. During the following months, the following events are also planned: triathlon, cycling time trial, stair climb in Horský Park and finally the final 1 km sprint in X-BIONIC in Šamorín. We have a lot to look forward to

Join us and experience the fun!

More information here.

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PosAm is the main partner of the BR2FY running series

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