PosAm became IBM Domino 10 Partner Ready before its world première

Published 10.10.2018

Only a few hours ago, on 9 October 2018, the new version IBM Domino V10 was unveiled in Frankfurt, in a world premiere. Another 19 metropolises around the world will host the Domino V10 premiere in the coming days.

The new version of IBM’s robust collaboration solution brings significant enhancements. The introduction of JavaScript and node.js into Domino allows any JavaScript developer to combine Domino with Node.js and JavaScript when developing web applications. The business logic and data on the Domino platform will be preserved in the development of new or enhanced applications. The combination of JavaScript and node.js and the new Domino Query Language (DQL), along with access to one of the largest collection of open-source libraries, brings new possibilities for the growth of skills in development itself, as well as higher added value for the application and the organization. In addition, IBM is committed to supporting Domino Designer and XPages at least until 2023.

“PosAm has been developing solutions on the IBM Domino platform, or its predecessor IBM Lotus, since 1994. We have almost 25 years of experience, which allow us to provide customers with the best solutions for expanding their business. We look forward to exciting new possibilities brought about by the new features of IBM Domino V10, ” said Lubomír Horňák, Senior Project Manager at PosAm, who was actively involved in the development of the new version of IBM Domino V10.


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