In 2013, we generated record sales and higher pre-tax profit than in 2012

Published 30.4.2014

Consistent good results confirm that our focus on usefulness for the customer is the right strategy  

I especially appreciate the fact that despite a higher levy burden in 2013, we still generated higher pre-tax profit than in 2012. The growth in total sales revenue to a new record is also exceptionally pleasing.

The excellent results of 2013 can be attributed foremost to our quality team, without doubt the best in our history. PosAm now boasts a top quality pool of experts in every field of its activities, who in addition to top professional know-how, are prized also for their positive values and continual desire to improve.

I am satisfied that we were able once again to achieve our mission also in 2013. To be a company that helps mobilise the potential of information technologies to the benefit of our clients and their customers. Reliable, effective, innovative.

Marián Marek, Chief Executive Officer


Stable profit on top of key investments, yielding huge potential for the future

The past year can be characterised by four major documented facts: record sales revenue, the largest volume of investment into development projects, the acquisition of our biggest contract to date and generating the second highest gross profit in the company’s history. We have every right to be proud of the figures behind these facts in a year of demanding market and macroeconomic conditions, leading to an overall decline in the conditions for doing business.

Total revenues reached a record-high EUR 36 319 000, an impressive 16% growth over the previous year. Added value came to EUR 17 448 000 and the EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) was posted at EUR 4 010 000. Profit before tax rose 3% over the previous year to EUR 3 146 000, our second highest gross profit ever. Investments into development activities (developing software solutions together with costs for development of key competences) exceeded a million euro.

Our stable and annually rising profit in such a demanding economic environment, combined with the ability to invest into development, demonstrates our financial stability, which is a key pillar of future development.

Miroslav Bielčik, Chief Financial Officer

The results and investments of last year laid the foundations for healthy growth in the years to come

The year 2013 was an exceptional one for PosAm. We held our own against multinationals and enjoyed various business successes, including our biggest contract yet.  

With the unique project entitled Data Centre of Towns and Villages for DEUS, we established ourselves as a leader in Slovakia in cloud solutions, having also provided the cloud platform for Slovak Telekom. We positioned ourselves as leader within a few years also in the field of data storage and archiving. With solutions from Hitachi Data Systems, which we implement and integrate, we have gained a strong market share and compete long-term with established suppliers. In the insurance, banking and telecommunications sectors, our tailored solutions have attracted interest also from beyond Slovakia’s borders and so we have sown the seeds for foreign expansion, which is a crucial part of our strategy. In addition to the commercial sphere, we also implemented highly useful solutions in public administration. The most recent of these include the Register of financial statements.

In terms of the achieved results, I evaluate the year 2013 as very successful, and if we consider the new business opportunities already in the pipeline, I anticipate the same kind of success also from the next year.

René Kubiš, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

More information: Annual Report 2013

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