More efficient insurance claims settlement will provide Česká pojišťovna with a competitive advantage

Published 15.6.2017

The insurance company expects that the new communication portal will enable faster and easier exchange of information between the insurance company and the repair shops. Automation of certain settlement processes and a connection to multiple internal and external systems will significantly improve the entire process and enhance customer services.

Higher efficiency will have a positive impact on the fulfilment of cost objectives. The number of inspections performed by the repair shops will increase, which will decrease the number of inspections performed by the insurance company. This will reduce the need to communicate with the insurance company, relieve the claims department from making calls, reduce the administrative burden, and improve the efficiency of claims handlers.

The new process will also have a positive impact on customer experience and satisfaction. Faster and trouble-free handling of insurance claims will directly improve customer satisfaction. The new system will allow transferral of detailed updated information about the development of the insurance claim, including accurate information about the individual steps performed by a repair shop.

Another benefit will be the new claim settlement portal for 1,500 contracted car repair shops of the insurance company. They will be able to start working on the job faster and will be able to react more flexibly to changes in the extent of the repairs as they will have faster feedback and better information about the development of the insurance claim’s settlement.

The mobile version of the portal will also make the work of repair shops simpler and easier. It will react to the changing habits and requirements of users as well as suppliers. The ability to adapt to the technological trends of importers in the area of sales and settlement should provide an additional competitive advantage for the insurance company.

About PosAm

PosAm has 15 years of experience with application support for key insurance company processes. It provides application support for sales and insurance claims settlement for the largest Slovak insurance company. It also has unique competences in the area of insurance fraud detection. In the past year PosAm has massively invested into modernization of its insurance solutions. These are among the top in their field and provide PosAm’s customers with a non-trivial competitive advantage.

About Česká pojišťovna

Česká pojišťovna is a universal insurance company with 190 years of tradition. Today it is a part of Generali CEE Holding. Česká pojišťovna is the largest insurance company on the Czech market with almost a quarter market share. It has approximately 5,600 representatives at 4,500 distribution points and manages approximately seven million insurance contracts.

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