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Multi-channel sales system in Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa

New sales support system for brokers is focused on experiential assisted sales. At the same time, it unifies the key functionalities of systems in other sales channels, which optimized the costs of development and sales management.

Outsourcing IT - better services for less money

PosAm provided third largest bank in Slovakia, a higher quality of IT services at a lower price compared to the original provider.

Slovak Telekom Storage strategy

Result of the consolidation: number of systems, -25, -85% power, disk capacity -36% Operating expenses -70%, unified management, increased security, compliance with standards

IT completely to the cloud: convenient at low cost

The transfer of IT infrastructure to cloud removed the burden of caring for IT, whereby the customer now has a service with clearly defined qualitative parameters and predictable operating costs.

Expert voice

Agile Pragmatically (Part 2) - Best Practices, or Practical Agile Application

In the first part of Agile Pragmatically - A Paradigm Shift I focused on the root causes that lead IT companies to a change in the approach in software development. At the same time, I pointed out the way to ensure higher efficiency of delivery procedures. It consists in a change of methodologies for software development. At PosAm, we have implemented the agile approach. We have identified its advantages in reflecting the present day's reality in system development, and pointed out the benefits. However, there are always some Buts.

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