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Selected case studies

Effective management of field workers in VSD

The PosAm Field management system turned the complex paper process of processing work orders into an automated and electronic procedure. The system allocated the right workers with suitable tools and knowledge to the appropriate work at the right time for optimum performance

Nexthink increased the quality of IT services at VSEH

Unique proactive Nexthink monitoring for a thousand IT end devices and dozens of VSEH servers has brought about the expected positive effects. The quality of IT services has increased, while the number and duration of downtimes has decreased. The causes of incidents can be identified more easily, the response time is faster, and the solution time is shorter.

Outsourcing IT - better services for less money

PosAm provided third largest bank in Slovakia, a higher quality of IT services at a lower price compared to the original provider.

Multi-channel sales system in Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa

New sales support system for brokers is focused on experiential assisted sales. At the same time, it unifies the key functionalities of systems in other sales channels, which optimized the costs of development and sales management.

Expert voice

Agile Pragmatically (Part 3) – Software Is Not Written by Machines But Humans

In the second part of Agile Pragmatically - Best Practices I dealt with practices which help us at PosAm to get a grip of the reality which is often far away from an ideal situation as described in literatures. Complexity is not necessarily being complex in terms of technology or domain, it may also be induced by the problem of size such as that of a team, which is the topic to be detailed today.

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