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Multi-channel sales system in Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa

Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa wants to provide its services to customers quickly and fairly. Quickly fulfilling customers' requirements, but also quickly introducing new products onto the market. An important role play high quality and professional sales services provided to clients, based on trust and transparency. To meet these goals will help the new multi-channel sales support system for brokers focused on experiential assisted sales. At the same time, it unifies the key functionalities of systems in other sales channels, which optimized the costs of development and sales management.

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New disc arrays improved data storage and cut costs

Cost savings for operation, support, systems administration and data management translate as a return on investment of within 4 years. State-of-the-art technologies facilitate effective use of disc capacity, producing a 36 % saving on disc space. The output and response of business applications has been boosted significantly. At the same time, data security was raised and compliance assured with the Deutsche Telekom standards.

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Everything in cloud: convenient at low cost

The customer was in a situation where it had to rebuild its whole IT environment in a short space of time and with minimum investment. The transfer of IT infrastructure to cloud removed the burden of caring for IT, whereby the customer now has a service with clearly defined qualitative parameters and predictable operating costs.

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Digital handwritten signature eliminated paper documents and improved the service at contact points

The elimination of paper documents reduced printing costs (paper, technical equipment, toner, maintenance) and archiving (personnel costs, technical equipment, premises, services). It sped up the arrangement of clients and the eliminated administrative burden meant more time could be devoted to client. The positive responses from service staff and customers alike are proof that the right technology was employed.

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