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PosAm became IBM Domino 10 Partner Ready before its world première

10. october 2018

PosAm was awarded the IBM Domino 10 Partner Ready certificate at the end of September, even before the launch of IBM Domino V10. PosAm thus became one of the first companies which were able to meet the required criteria and demonstrate the necessary competencies. PosAm received the prestigious certificate thanks to possessing the necessary professional capacities and due to its active participation in the development of Version 10.

ParkDots now helps with parking also in Bratislava

17. july 2018

The Karlova Ves city district, as the first self-government in Bratislava, began to monitor selected parking spaces through the ParkDots platform made by PosAm. Thanks to the in-road sensors the system will detect the availability of a particular space in real time. Drivers have gained better information about the availability of parking spaces in a given location in real time. Parking control options in the locations designated for short-term parking have been significantly enhanced for the city district and police officers. The collected data will help in the evaluation of motorists' behaviour and will be beneficial in creating further measures to improve parking.

Successful graduates of the PosAm Full-stack Academy are already involved in attractive projects

10. july 2018

This year's PosAm Full-stack Academy for hopeful developers of application solutions has concluded with the presentation of their work and the awarding of certificates. Several-months-long intensive training has been completed by five of the 50 candidates. Four of them have been given the opportunity to continue with the implementation of attractive projects in the PosAm team.

Pupils and former students thank teachers and mentors from all over Slovakia for their dedication

06. july 2018

They live for us, for the students, pupils of four schools in Košice, Prešov, Žilina and Bratislava say about their mentors. Heads of extra-curricular clubs spend time with children even after the school bell rings for the end of the last period. The stories of these extraordinary people were recorded by the organizers of the Dionýz Ilkovič Award in four unique videos. The award celebrates personalities who are dedicated to extracurricular education in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. Anyone can nominate a teacher or a non-pedagogic volunteer this year as well at by the end of July.

The Dionýz Ilkovič Award continues to search for selfless teachers

08. june 2018

The Dionýz Ilkovič Award, a unique award for extra-curricular activities, discovers and appreciates the work of pedagogues and non-pedagogical workers who are educating our future scientific talent.  Help us discover unknown heroes - enthusiastic teachers as well as non-pedagogues. The end of the deadline for submitting nominations in the second year of the award is near. All you need to do is complete the form at by the end of July 2018.

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