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PosAm confirmed record-breaking results in successful 2018

07. march 2019

On Monday, 4 March 2019, the company's results for 2018 were officially confirmed. PosAm Group(1) has achieved its historically highest amounts in the creation of added value (21,381 thousand EUR) and EBITBA (4,412 thousand EUR). 2018 can be evaluated as successful not only in terms of numbers. Interesting progress can also be seen in its performance, product portfolio, and regional presence. It can be said that several years of effort focused on the strategic development and direction of the company have begun to bear fruit.

As part of the TOOP project, we are helping to create IT architecture for the European Single Digital Gateway initiative

16. january 2019

EU Member States have an obligation to provide citizens and companies with access to digital online services based on "The Once-Only Principle" by 2023, which will simplify their administration within the EU. The aim is to reduce the burden on citizens and businesses, and to facilitate the fulfilment of legal obligations across the various EU states, saving up to 855,000 hours and a minimum of EUR 11bn a year. A part of the test concept in Slovakia, implemented within the TOOP project, is the Register of Financial Statements of the Ministry of Finance of SR by PosAm.

To make the word “teacher” evoke respect once again

28. november 2018

On the path towards the laureates of the Dionýz Ilkovič Award, we encounter incredible stories in the teachers’ rooms of Slovak schools   about the dedicated, exceptional, and particularly persistent teachers who, throughout their decades-long work, not only teach the pupils in classes, but also go beyond their duties and prepare them for competitions. These often end in international successes, but the work in the background is seldom seen.

ParkDots is among world-class solutions for Smart Cities

16. november 2018

From the 13th to the 15th of November 2018, Barcelona in Spain hosted the eighth year of the Smart City Expo World Congress, one of the largest events of its kind in the world. More than 840 exhibitors, representatives from over 700 cities from five continents, and 400 attendees were looking for answers to the question of how to make cities more habitable for the people living in them. ParkDots, a smart parking solution for modern cities from PosAm, has also been included among the world's top solutions.

Drivers can see free parking spaces in the centre of Nitra in real time on their mobile phones

14. november 2018

Residents and visitors of Nitra are able to park in the centre of Nitra more easily from November . The ParkDots system was put into operation, which in the first stage of the pilot project tracks current occupancy at the parking lots on Wilsonovo nábrežie and Mostná Street. Drivers have the information available in the ParkDots mobile application, which can also navigate them to a free parking space. The local government thus met one of the goals of the parking policy aimed at improving the current situation through modern smart solutions.

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