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The Dionýz Ilkovič Award with PosAm's support is ranked among the best PR projects of the year

27. november 2017

The Dionýz Ilkovič Award with PosAm's support (, an acknowledgement for people who have devoted their life to transferring to and sharing their knowledge with young people, has won the second place of the PROKOP 2017 PR projects competition, in the category of Social responsibility, philanthropy and PR for non-profit organizations. A total of 115 works were registered for the 8th year of the best PR projects competition in Slovakia.

We have contributed to higher transparency in Moldovan Local Government

24. november 2017

IDIS, a Moldovan independent think-tank, in cooperation with INEKO, the Slovak Institute for Economic and Social Reforms, has launched, a web portal mapping the financial management of towns and villages in Moldova. Its main goal is to provide the public with relevant data on the budgets of all towns and villages and improve their financial management through higher transparency. Visualisation of budget structure data was prepared by PosAm.

The Dionýz Ilkovič Prize Is Heading To Michalovce

10. november 2017

The Dionýz Ilkovič Prize was awarded to Jozef Smrek from Michalovce, a teacher of physics and mathematics at the secondary-school of Pavol Horov in Michalovce, for his contribution to the development of extra-curricular activities in physics. For dozens of years, he has been working with talented students who are fascinated by the natural sciences and, under his leadership, they prepare for various competitions in physics, such as the Physics Competition or the Tournament of Young Physicists. Students of Jozef Smrek are also often successful in international rounds of such competitions. 

Great Finals Expected For The Dionýz Ilkovič Prize

06. november 2017

The jury has selected three finalists out of whom the professional jury has selected three nominees: Miroslav Kozák, who runs a Chemical Competition Club at the secondary grammar school of Vavrinec Benedikt Nedožerský in Prievidza, Pavol Kubinec, who prepares students for the Tournament of Young Physicists at the First Private Secondary Grammar School in Bratislava, and Jozef Smrek, who  the physics club at the secondary school of Pavol Horov in Michalovce and prepares his students for several competitions. The Dionýz Ilkovič Prize is intended for school staff who contributes to the development of extra-curricular activities in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry or informatics.

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