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Drivers can see free parking spaces in the centre of Nitra in real time on their mobile phones

14. november 2018

Residents and visitors of Nitra are able to park in the centre of Nitra more easily from November . The ParkDots system was put into operation, which in the first stage of the pilot project tracks current occupancy at the parking lots on Wilsonovo nábrežie and Mostná Street. Drivers have the information available in the ParkDots mobile application, which can also navigate them to a free parking space. The local government thus met one of the goals of the parking policy aimed at improving the current situation through modern smart solutions.

Dionýz Ilkovič Award for another three outstanding pedagogues

08. november 2018

PaedDr. Ľubomír Konrád from the Gymnasium at Veľká Okružná Street 22 in Žilina became the winner of the second annual Dionýz Ilkovič Award, awarded for the development of extracurricular activities. In the finals he met with RNDr. Jana Plichtová from the Gymnasium at Alejová Street 1 in Košice and PaedDr. Iveta Štefančínová, PhD., from the Gymnasium of Ján Adam Rayman in Prešov. The finalists and the winner were decided by the expert jury led by Doc. RNDr. Martin Plesch, PhD., from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, President of the International Young Physicists' Tournament. The awards were given to the nominated on 7 November 2018 during a gala evening at the Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava.

Prievidza inspires with an innovative parking system

16. october 2018

Since October 15, 2018, drivers in Prievidza can pay parking fees in a cheaper and more convenient manner thanks to the mobile parking app ParkDots. ParkDots will bring a new option for paying parking fees, for example for foreign visitors to the city who cannot make payments via SMS, and more efficient control of adherence to parking regulations. During the checks, you can simply take a photo of the vehicle’s registration number with your mobile phone and the system will immediately inform you whether parking fees have been paid.

PosAm became IBM Domino 10 Partner Ready before its world première

10. october 2018

PosAm was awarded the IBM Domino 10 Partner Ready certificate at the end of September, even before the launch of IBM Domino V10. PosAm thus became one of the first companies which were able to meet the required criteria and demonstrate the necessary competencies. PosAm received the prestigious certificate thanks to possessing the necessary professional capacities and due to its active participation in the development of Version 10.

Solution Architects becoming PosAm leaders of the DDD Community

25. september 2018

On the penultimate Thursday in September the first meeting of the DDD community took place. This is a community of programmers, architects, analysts and other persons involved in software development, the aim of which is to establish application design based on domain-derived concepts. The leaders of the initiative are the Solution Architects at PosAm.

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