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Successful foreign tender in the banking sector

PosAm participated as the technological partner in the victory for the tender for the supply of the technical devices for scanning digitalised handwritten signatures for an Italian banking group.

A major Italian banking group is equipping its first 1200 workplaces with technology for scanning handwritten signatures using unique signature tablets. The supplier of the technical devices is the partner of the company PosAm, which based on the technological proposal of PosAm manufactured these unique devices and won over competition from Europe and Japan. We expect this major success to be just the beginning in the export of this technology to other countries.

After successful application of a solution utilising digital handwritten signatures for the authorisation of persons in Tatra banka, this is the latest victory for PosAm in the banking sector linked to technology focusing on increasing the effectiveness of processes that require the handwritten signature of the customer. The company PosAm is the leader in implementing technologies for scanning handwritten signatures by the use of technological means.

For more information about solutions for signing electronic documents and identity verification using digitalised handwritten signatures with biometric properties, go to


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