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Better IT outsourcing to the bank for less money

A change of End User Services provider led to a higher standard of services. At the same time, it also cut the price that the bank pays at present for caring for its IT end devices and their users.

Initial status

For many years, the bank was outsourcing its operations services to a renowned foreign company. Even so, it decided to make a call for tenders for the provision of IT operations services so as to cut costs for operation and support for several thousand IT end devices and users, not just at its head office, but also at all branches and other members of the group.

Thanks to our experience, strong internal effectiveness and optimised processes PosAm managed to offer the best possible price while preserving quality and its own profitability. The impressive references from similarly demanding clients also proved to be decisive.

The operation and support of IT end devices includes care of computers, notebooks, tablets, printers and smartphones. In total, there are 3 500 active users at 4 major localities and 174 branches throughout Slovakia that require the same service level across-the-board.


Cost reduction

PosAm is the second largest provider of IT operations services in Slovakia. Thanks to many years of experience and precisely set processes, the company enjoys a high level of internal effectiveness. This allows it to provide quality services at highly competitive terms. After switching to PosAm, these factors led to significant cost savings for the customer for its outsourcing.

Maintaining and raising quality

The perfectly prepared transition was why the service quality was on the maximum level from the very beginning and the agreed qualitative parameters were met in 99.5% of cases. What’s more, the provision of services across-the-board was managed by a smaller team than at the original provider.

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