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PosAm dScan

PosAm dScan serves for verifying the identity of persons, the automated reading, processing and cleaning of data from documents, together with verification of their validity and authenticity.

PosAm dScan is a solution for verifying the identity of persons and the automated reading and processing of data, verification of document validity and authenticity. It is made up of equipment for reading documents (suppliers ARH, DESKO) and operating software, including tools for connection to information systems of the customer via defined interfaces.

By using the dScan solution, the customer can use defined data (name, surname, permanent address) scanned from identification documents, also with diacritics, for cleaning existing data about the client, adding in a postal code.

General functionality:

  • support for documents of ICAO9093 standard: country (SVK), region, global
  • reading data of MRZ and checking fields (checksum)
  • reading data of VIZ for supported documents (SVK), other documents on request
  • support for VIZ data with diacritics: passport and Slovak citizen ID card, other documents on request
  • optional check of documents against the external database of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (stolen and lost documents)
  • optional check of document authenticity (security elements of documents under UV light) for SVK, other countries on request


Key benefits:

  • Accelerates the process of customer identification
  • Eliminates operating errors when transcribing data
  • Increases the security of personal data handling
  • Reduces the risk of customer identification by document (frauds)
  • Cleans data on the customer by using a verifiable source of information


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