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Arrangement of all operational requests from anywhere at any time, simply and easily from a single application.

The application Daily Agenda provides users with a brief and structured list of current obligations of an “operational” nature and essentially lets them arrange these from anywhere at any time.

The application aggregates operational requests in the direction of the user from various information systems. This may concern arrangement of invoices, orders, requisitions, business trips, work orders, tasks and so on. It is a kind of central list of current obligations, or information about their status.

Daily Agenda not only informs (notifies) users about requests, but also lets them arrange these requests directly from the application. Standard user actions defined as part of the workflow include the Approval, Rejection or Acknowledgment of the respective document.

The application can be used on various types of devices, while by its very nature it is intended primarily for use on smartphones. It is precisely the ability to arrange operational requests easily and simply from anywhere that streamlines and accelerates internal processes. From the user’s perspective, this also introduces greater clarity and simplicity to the whole process in comparison with other methods.

Of key importance is that implementation requires no “mobilization” (transform to the mobile environment) of affected corporate IT systems, because the application deals with the interface.

Daily Agenda is available from app stores for both Android and iOS operating systems.

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