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IT monitoring and analytics

We provide IT administrators with the ability to monitor and evaluate the functionality of their IT environment from the perspective of end users. The unique solution of the company Nexthink collates data on the functioning of IT infrastructure, applications and services from end devices on a base of Windows or Mac OS, while providing company-wide analytics in real time. PosAm is the only partner of the company Nexthink for Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

The Swiss concern Nexthink is a pioneer in the field of IT end-user analytics. Their unique software provides company-wide analytics in real time. It covers all end devices, users, applications, network connections, visualisation of IT infrastructure and the provision of services.

The analytics and visualisation of Nexthink extends the tools for help desks, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), APM (Application Performance Management) and Client Management, and provides key outputs for IT administration.

Use of Nexthink monitoring positively affects the management of the whole IT infrastructure. It helps reduce the number of incidents and improves and speeds up end-device care. It assists in increasing the security and compliance of the IT environment and in optimizing the number of software licences, while also improving the management and planning of transformation projects.

The whole solution can be provided also as a managed service with full care, comprising:

  • Minimum 1-year licence for Nexthink tool
  • Implementing tool to customer environment
  • Support and operation of tool in customer environment
  • Consulting on usage
  • Reporting status of end devices
  • Reporting status of agreed business services
  • Reporting on software usage
  • Reporting on compliance
  • Setup of automatic alerts
  • Incident management


Milan Bučko, Product Manager for Nexthink,


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