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Cloud solutions

Private, public and hybrid cloud solutions for the corporate sphere and public administration. The services include consultation, design proposal, implementation or migration of solutions and management.

Cloud is a worldwide trend that offers a new approach to IT and one that is being used by an increasing number of companies and organisations also in Slovakia.

The use of services on demand, availability anytime, anywhere and from any device, pooling (and virtualisation) of sources, elastic and flexible service provision, measurability and payment by volume of use. These main characteristics of cloud solutions speak a clear message: IT is a service . A service with the aim of supporting business in an effective and flexible way.

Does the operation of old (inherited) systems put a burden on your IT? Would you like to unburden the company from administering its own infrastructure? Are you worried by the suddenness of IT operations? Are your company IT resources used ineffectively? Do you need to modernise your IT infrastructure? Are you looking for a way to cut costs for IT? Are you looking for options for new services and products?

The answer to these and many more questions lies in cloud solutions. Cloud might not be a universal solution, but with a rational approach and the right scenarios, its benefits are undeniable.

Our projects:

speak on our behalf. They are proof that we are not only theoreticians and they also confirm that cloud is not just an option, but sometimes the only means of dealing with the challenges facing IT and business.

All you have to do is select the right partner. Then you can fully devote yourself to your own key processes and IT becomes a true service – from cloud.


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