Solutions and services

SAP Consulting

Professional services aimed at corporate ERP systems on the SAP platform.

Attracting and retaining satisfied customers often depends on details which can be managed based on thorough knowledge and expertise in the processes involved. Information is a factor which significantly affects business success, decisions taken by managers and company management. Quality information system has a key impact on productivity, ability to adapt to changes on the market, to cooperation within the company as well as with the external environment, and to overall competitiveness.

Quality information system begins with the knowledge of customer needs and ends with trouble-free operation. PosAm professionals provide analyses of design and concept of solutions, management of implementation and integration project, maintenance and support, post-implementation development, upgrade, rollout, trainings, distribution and merging of systems, integration with other systems and BodyShop.

Professional competence of PosAm covers a wide range of business processes supported by relevant SAP software.

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