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ITIL Consulting

Planning and implementation of processes in the field of management of managed services (ITSM) according to the ITILv3 methodology.

Clients can rely on our team of specialists certified ITIL Expert. Their vast experience in large transformation projects at corporate customers guarantee successful and positive changes in their IT processes. The change of approach to the IT management enables transformation of corporate IT from the traditional technology provider to the provider of low-cost IT services.

According to a survey by the company Forrester Consulting, about 71% of companies use the ITIL methodology version 2 or 3 to manage their IT services. Management of IT services in terms of the ITIL v3 recommendations is a good precondition to achieve ISO20000 certification. PosAm is a holder of the ISO20000 certificate and manages IT services according to the ITIL v3 recommendations.

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