IS for Control and Audit

Information System for Control and Audit is an advanced software tool for coordination, preparation, performance and evaluation of government budget resources audits. It supports work of government auditors during the entire life cycle of creating government audit records and supports all its processes.

Information System for Control and Audit is localized within the infrastructure of Budgetary Information System and is fully compatible with it. It serves to support activities in preparation of government audit and making government audit records accessible. The system provides the following processes:


  • Maintenance of register of audited persons (entities).
  • Maintenance of register of government auditors.
  • Preparation of government audits.
  • Creation of analytic summaries and reports over all BIS modules for obtaining risk analysis factors.
  • Creation and management of annual audit plan projections.
  • Creation and management of government audits, records of findings and actions.
  • Creation of government audit reports.
  • Monitoring of performance of actions.
  • Generation of annual statements and auditor’s reports.


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Peter KolesárPeter Kolesár
Director for public sector

Selected references

  • Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic