PosAm activities in the field of healthcare have been focused on computerization of healthcare records and their processing using knowledge of up-to-date healthcare informatics.

In recent years, healthcare informatics has made a great progress. This could be particularly seen in representation of knowledge through biomedical ontologies and advanced approaches creating a global infostructure of electronic health records. It is based on standardized codified health information, harmonized with national language, easily understandable for both computers and healthcare professionals. This single source of data means benefit for all entities involved in healthcare, since it allows unambiguous interpretation of information communicated at national and international levels. PosAm intensely cooperates in creation of solutions based on the mentioned principles and strives to implement the solutions in Slovak healthcare environment.

At international level, we cooperate with the most significant European organizations and policy makers like SNOMED International. PosAm is the only Slovak company participating in implementation of epSOS (European Pacient Smart Open Services), which has been the most important pan-European project in the field of healthcare informatics.

At national level, we realize projects aimed at practical application of the most advanced approaches in healthcare environment, e.g. the successful SNOMED CT pilot project of Slovak clinical terminology localization, HEALTHCOM pilot project focused on safe communication between healthcare providers and health insurance companies as well as implementation of the most advanced principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) into the Health Surveillance Authority information system.  In cooperation with the National Health Information Centre, we have participated in projects of terminological and classification systems. We have prepared software tools such as PosAm Terminology Translator and SNOMED CT® Concept Browser.

PosAm Terminology Translator is designed to work with the SNOMED CT® terminology system and provides a cooperative way of translating concepts according to the SNOMED International methodology. It allows working with several classification and terminological systems like ICD-10 and ATC and comparison of resources from multiple source languages.

The SNOMED CT® term browser is intended for healthcare professionals interested in the contents of the SNOMED CT® terminology system. It serves as a passive view of structure – ontology of terminology system, its individual terms and their properties. It provides interface for an efficient and easy access to terminology and aims to offer transparent navigation and search to users.

The above-mentioned solutions are the best proof of PosAm abilities to use the state-of-the-art technologies and the latest knowledge in order to increase the level of healthcare provision.


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Milada Kovárová

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