DEV - Information system for reporting of development assistance

DEV is designed to record and report development assistance projects realized by all donors from Slovakia. This solution is tailor-made with regard to needs of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic as well as in accordance with methodological requirements of the OECD, and thus this application is unique as well as simple to use in other countries which similarly to Slovakia aim to improve their database.

„I was very impressed with the level of sophistication and functionality of the system. I was also quite impressed by your thorough knowledge of the DAC and CRS statistical reporting directives which clearly served as the backbone on your on-line application. The fact that you have designed one data collection and reporting system that incorporates all of the CRS++ data records and allows you to automatically generate DAC aggregate figures in a matter of seconds is fantastic! Congratulations on a job well done!”

Kimberly Smith, Development Cooperation Directorate, OECD

Same as in other transition countries, there is still enough room to improve in Slovakia’s development cooperation system. Two major issues are low volumes of assistance and insufficient quality of reporting individual development assistance projects. Accurate and complete capture of all flows of assistance is a prerequisite for

  • Strategic management and planning of development cooperation
  • Improved assistance, increased transparency and efficiency of allocation of available resources
  • Potential growth of development assistance budget.

Since April 2010, PosAm has been closely cooperating with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic to create an application that would meet the demand for improved development assistance reporting and would fit into the existing framework of budgetary planning and reporting.

The requirements:

  • Record all types of assistance
  • Record assistance from all Slovak donors
  • Enable reporting for DAC OECD as well as for management of the MFEA SR

The results:

  1. Comprehensive database integrated with central budgetary information system
  2. Centralized web application open to all Slovak donors
  3. Reporting system of all development assistance flows in accordance with the OECD CRS++ methodology
  4. System tailor-made to national needs
  5. In accordance with the current tendency of reporting transparency maximization

Do you wish to become a member of the DAC family?

Reporting in accordance with the OECD rules is a must. Solution is now within your grasp.

If you are interested in more details on functionality and applicability to the needs of another country, please contact the Public and Health sales group:


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Peter KolesárPeter Kolesár
Director for public sector

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