Budgetary Information System

Budgetary Information System (RIS) is a modern system which meets all the criteria and needs of budgetary guidelines as well as reflect a seemingly contradictory demand of estimators from all levels of budgeting on intuitiveness, speed and good arrangement of the system. RIS gives all those who are involved and have access to the budgetary processes comfort of full support of the processes that are associated with the budget preparation, modification, control and assessment and whole array of extra tailor-made functionalities.

Our Budgetary Information System is among the pillars of the Slovakia’s State treasury. The system is somewhat older than the sole idea of establishing a state treasury in the mid-nineties in the lately emerged state of Slovakia. Its development started in 1996 and went from then on in line with the necessities of the country’s Ministry of Finance. It first served to a couple of tens of ministerial officers but soon it evolved into a complex information system with central management which provides a platform for more than 3500 users at all levels of state administration - from the ministerial level, and the individual functional areas all the way down to the more than 1500 organizations which are fully or partially funded from the State Budget. BIS functionalities cover all standard procedures applicable in all areas of public budgeting such as budget preparation, adoption, modification, spending, control, assessment and consolidation. RIS works same well when integrated and connected to the surrounding software solutions as it does as a stand-alone system.

RIS provides comprehensive support for all estimators’ activities concerning budget preparation, modification and control at all hierarchical levels. The system makes the routine activities such as aggregating, checking-up the classification validity, or submitting the information automated. All necessary information is at hand and on screen. The information from the system can be retrieved through user’s interface and exported for analysis to MS Excel instantly. Apart from the budget management main business procedures the RIS also supports several follow-up processes in the areas such as consolidation, classification management, share register, non-financial parameters management, or transferring within the public administration sector.

The solution’s main benefits:

  • Higher quality and efficiency of estimators work
  • Comprehensive coverage of the whole budgetary cycle: from preparation to modification, control and assessment
  • Effective support of the main and supportive management procedures
  • Time saved in the processes of budget adoption, specification and modifying
  • Whole array of automated check-ups which unburdens estimators
  • Interconnection of all hierarchical budgetary levels within one IS
  • Retrievability of all individual budgetary changes made throughout the fiscal year
  • Effective support of programmed budgeting

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Peter KolesárPeter Kolesár
Director for public sector

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