Budgetary IS for Municipal Authorities

Complex RIS solution contains the Budgetary Information System for Municipal Authorities (RIS.SAM). The system evolved from the solution which was designed for the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in 2011 primarily for the collection and centralization of data from municipal budgets. The system was later chosen to become a platform of mutual communication between the Ministry and all Slovakia’s municipalities and since early 2013 its implementation at municipal level is under way.

The implementation of the system has been carried out under auspices of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in close cooperation with the Slovak Association of Towns and Villages. Once implemented it is going to be a modern, centralized system for the collection of budgetary data from all municipality authorities for the purpose of preparation of public administration budget. Simultaneously, it shall be a tool that the Ministry of Finance is going to give in the hands of all Municipalities, so they’ll be able to enhance their budgetary management.

The Budgetary Information System for Municipal Authorities (RIS.SAM) is a complex supporting solution for budget preparation and transfer of updated data to the central ministerial Budgetary Information System. The data are transferred online via protected connection to the Datacenter’s Communication and Technology Infrastructure (KTI). The system supports all the key procedures of municipal budget management including the processes associated with budget preparation and adoption, its modifying and complex management as well as the data exporting and printing of reports and summaries. RIS.SAM is a functional, secure and modern tool for the preparation of municipal budget with the online connection to the central RIS.

Benefits for municipalities

  • Meeting legislative criteria for implementation of the system in time and at minimum risks
  • Connection to the Datacenter’s KTI of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
  • Easy operation in the unified information system that does not require specific IT skills
  • Guaranteed compliance of the system with the budgeting guidelines
  • Full support of programmed budgeting
  • Free users support
  • Unified communication interface


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Peter KolesárPeter Kolesár
Director for public sector

Selected references

  • Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic