State and municipal authorities

In relation to public administration authorities, PosAm has long-term experience in software development and applications aimed at support of core procedures in the field of public finance, solutions for streamlining support processes and provision of operation services.

Requirements of public administration on efficiency, transparency, security and overall improvement of services for citizens are increasing. It is also due to modernization of processes in all fields of public administration, so that they correspond to possibilities provided by new information technologies.

PosAm products and services have been successfully applied in many public administration authorities and institutions. Key activities in public administration include activities related to compilation, approval, use and monitoring of the State budget. This process is managed by means of a particular PosAm solution – Budgetary information system (BIS), which is a prerequisite for State Treasury operation. Moreover, its functional extension provides a safe and advanced tool designed to manage budgets for municipalities. BIS is a very good example of successful and long-term partnership of our company and public authorities.

In addition to transaction systems, which are focused on solution of special demands of particular departments and institutions, you can also identify general requirements that are common for all public authorities. E.g. increase of efficiency in creation, management and circulation of documents, task management and monitoring, improvement of group productivity. Existing legislation provides room and conditions for implementation of IT systems designed to simplify publication of statutory information via the Internet.

PosAm solutions for public administration are specifically adapted to needs of this segment and are characterized by appropriate implementation of formal acts necessary for handling electronic documents. Our successful projects include the following:

  • comprehensive solutions designed and implemented according to particular customer requirements
  • introduction of safe electronic mail with electronic signature integrated
  • filing service to record incoming / outgoing mail, as well as to create files
  • complete management of legislative documentation, especially tasks, meetings, directives...
  • media monitoring, monitoring of printed media, radio and television,
  • publication of information on the Internet, legal standards, bulletins, and so on.
  • workflow processes with documents (e.g. in legislative procedures, law approximation...).

Our activities have been constantly expanding both in terms of new clients and, especially, in terms of the range of provided products and services. We develop information systems ensuring all processes of collection, storage and use of information within the register of financial statements, tools for coordination, preparation, performance and evaluation of government audits, and software applications for management of development assistance funding.

In the field of healthcare, we implement solutions for basic health registers and we approach to health terminology as a prerequisite for building of eHealth.

Results of our long-term cooperation in this segment suggest that PosAm is a traditional and well-established partner supplying information technologies for public administration.

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